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do I need to rewinterize my outboard today?

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I'm assuming you are referring to an outboard? I don't think that the low temp for such a short time should adversely affect it. I know you aren't supposed to actually run a motor without having it in the water but on mine I would just very  briefly turn it over to make sure any water possibly in  it would exit and I'd keep the motor in a fully upright position so that anything in there would be drained.

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if you have water in the lower unit you need more than a light bulb to worry about...like stated above just trim all the way down and yer good ,fogging is just a way to "coat" the carbs intake thingys (reeds) and cyclinders for long term storage to Help deter corrision.The only concern with freezing temps is water in the carb "bowls" and trim the motor down in the water in winter and give the water Impeller assy a few min to de-ice before starting for a day of trolling

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