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2/26 Lost a good friend in a car accident friday night so didnt really feel like fishing. My girlfriend talked me into around noon so to the boat ramp we went. We launched the boat and headed east we ran a 6 rod spread 2;riggers and 4 rods with stickbaits off of planner boards. We picked up a nice 5 or 6lb walleye before we even got second rod set. He came off of rigger with small blue and chrome spoon. We ended fishing for about 3 hrs and caught somewhere around 15 or 20 fish including a nice nice brown that my girl caught. Blue and orange storm jr thunderstick was our hottest lure

2/27. We launched the boat around 130 when the lake settled down enough for my little boat. My girlfriend and i left the chute and headed east looking for a couple more of the monsters from the day before. We set up our typical 6 rod spread 2 riggers with spoons and 4 off planners with stickbaits. The riggers with spoons were our work horses taking majority of our fish. We ran dreamweaver ss mixed veggies on one side and blue and silver red eye on the other. The blue and silver red eye was on fire all day. We did catch a big brown off of blue and orange storm thunderstick jr. We fished til about 630 caught well over 25 fish with some really nice ones mixed in. We fished 10-15 ft of water both days.

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Dave, really sorry to hear about the loss of your buddy.....been there before too... makes you really take stock of your own life and what's important in life. Nice going on the fishing! Nice coloration on Sheila's fish too.  Too bad the eye didn't come a few weeks from now....WTG! :yes:

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