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22lb rainbow in seneca

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ray, i would like to know what your best rainbow from seneca was, personally i need to beat 5 1/2 pounds that a freind caught about two years ago. hit a full core at the mouth of cathrines creek. he reeled it in so HE caught it, my rod and my spoon. some day, yes, some day........i wonder how he will feel after i shoved it up his........sorry guys he has a way of bringing out the worst in me!!!

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sorry guys after a fishless day on catherine creek (had a nice one on for 20 sec) looks like the fish got the last laugh, well almost ,i had a few chuckles as i read your post last night .only saw 2 fish caught all day.last night after 9 a friend checked the creek and the continued melt(almost done) and cloud burst in horseheads raised the creek about 10 inches and it was already high.post creek was for the most part unfishable should spread those stockies around a bit . my first fishless opening day on catherine creek for as long as i can remember fishing it. good day for the fish ...............

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