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I-Bay 6/22/14 - Still good fishing UPDATE 6/24/14 Video Added

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Here's the video link:




I fished with my great buddies Anthony and Barry and we hit the water early around 5:15 AM, and started in 150 fow and fished until about 11:30 or so. We had a smaller fish bite early, but then decided to head offshore in search of a bigger class of fish. We fished mainly east of the bay and focused between 340-480 fow. There were multiple surface breaks and scum lines and a pass or two through each one seemed to produce fish. We finished the day 12 for 13, but didn't move a rod after 10:30 AM. 


We caught two Chinook, and the rest were steelhead and suspended lake trout. The biggest fish was a 12.5# Laker which would have been good for the LOC, but we didn't want to waste such a beautiful fish just for a few days on the board so we let her go to get bigger for somebody else to catch some day.


The riggers were slower today, but still took a few fish between 45-85' down, we also had three nice rips on the wire Dipsies and the rest were one on 400' copper and the remainder on 5/7/10 color lead cores.


I tried to use the Deep Torpedo Diver today as we were marking huge marks down 250-350', however it has to be the biggest PITA ever invented. It's essentially a Dipsy diver with a 12 ounce Cuda diver attached but the stupid thing tangled once with the deep rigger and then it was a tangled disaster on the retrieve on another attempt. If anyone is using these please let me know what I'm doing wrong, otherwise it's going up for sale.


The following all caught fish today:


Raspberry Dolphin

Buffalo Bill spoon in SS and Standard sizes

NBK on both the rigger and lead core

White green dot Spin Dr/Hammer Fly on wire

Carbon 14 standard on copper

SSW on 10 color lead core

Fuller Jalepeno spoon


Good luck to all,








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Yes! Another awesome day with capt'n Chris.

The lake shut down after the last big laker took bait. We just have to be humble and accept whatever the Lady Lake Ontario handed to us. It turned out to be another beautiful yet easy day on the water.

Thanks again for the fun day !post-140030-14034703125473_thumb.jpg

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Great report, I had very few marks but two massive bait balls out in 220fow in front of Bear Creek. I took 3 small steelies in 4 hrs of fishing but it was a beautiful morning on the lake. I also started at 150 and went to 270 without moving a rod. Hit all 3 fish around a bait ball at 220 on a NE troll.

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Had a very similar day out there as well we stayed inside mostly from 130-180fow

Ended up 9 of 12. 4 kings one was mid teens, 4 bows and a laker the leadcores did most of the work nbk and uv gator. Maybe next weekend we will stay towed bear creek for you lol

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Nice video! How long are you running those leaders from the dipsy to the flasher? Seems longer than I've seen anyone run before.

No more than 8'. Since it has a fish eye lens, the Gopro makes everything look extremely longer than it really is in the background (take a look at some of the underwater footage of a salmon hitting a bait and you'll know what I mean - most of those shots make it look like the flasher is 20' from the camera but they're only a few feet). It also makes the boat look narrower and fish we catch look smaller when they're in the net. ;)


Thanks for the feedback!


- Chris

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