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Blind squirrel finds a nut out of Sandy.

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I know, to the purists it's just a mud minnow, a bottom slug, a cheap date, etc.     :thinking:


However, being this is only my 2nd year of fishing the lake, it is not only my biggest fish landed (hey, I didn't say I had skills) but for a few brief days, my name will grace

the Lake Trout leader board for the first time ever.


15 lbs, 14 oz.   34".   post-151958-0-35131400-1404251657_thumb.jpg


Thanks to my co pilot (Mike Francis) who is also skipper of the Irish Wake.    His exact words to me at work yesterday were  "after work, want to go bounce up a leader board fish?"

(We'll take your boat....) 


Which is what we did.    As my  boat name suggests....I got lucky and found a nut.  105 fow.   For most of the afternoon, the screen was a desert....



Thanks again Mike.

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I grew up in VT and fished almost every big lake in that state looking for big lake trout. That's what I lived for. Now when I catch them in the big lake it's by chance because I seldom target them but they are still the second biggest game fish in the lake and can be alot of fun. If they weren't so slimy and tasted like crap they would be sought after a whole lot more I think. If I was going up there this weekend I would spend a couple hours targeting them. I like the tug drug.

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Filet, take all the skin off, cut off belly meat and chunk. Then coat egg role in batter, deep fry , no fishy or oily taste present. Leave skin on and it tastes terrible.

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