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The Scottsman- Sandy Creek Shootout

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                 Hit the water at 05:30 Friday with a crew of guys from Pittsburgh PA in search of a big king for Big fish Friday. We motored West to our numbers and set down in 100 fow and headed NW. Riggers,wires,coppers and lead were in the spread. Combo of flasher/flys and spoons were parked anywhere from 30-90 down then as we moved out they were 42-130 down. Within the first 20 min our 225 wire pulling a pro-troll/A-tom-Mik 42 sec started peeling out. First King was in the boat. Our best area was out front to the pump house 160-170 fow. We were happy with the temps so we worked it. It was good action all morning. Everything was taking fish. Dream Weaver SS spoons in Brown trout, Brown trout 2 and goby were hot.  Pro-troll's in white/green dots pulling A-tom-mik's crazy **** live and pro-Am live worked good. Our best King was 18.06 put us in 7th. She came on our 275 wire over 165.The crew was happy just the same. We caught some nice fish and they went home with some meat. Congrats to Rigger us for taking 1st. 






                     Saturday we hit the chop at 05:30 and motored out to the same numbers. Within 15 min our corner rigger parked at 64 over 165 pulling a DW SS Goby started peeling line. After a good fight and a few runs the first king was in the box. 17 pounds. High fives were given and our confidence got a boost. Out front to the nose we worked. Took a few more hits but no one was home when we got to the rod. A few min later I noticed the 10 color core on the Tx-44 pulling a DW SS BT was getting further and further from the boat. The rubber band on the release had broke and she was sliding down the braid. I decided to pull it in and double wrap the braid around the release and band it. (iv had better ideas) (dont do this) lol. I send her back out. after a few sip's of coffee and a few donuts (Thanks Tom) I look at the board and she's doing it again. (not bouncing or pulling at all just slowly moving away)So my buddy don is pulling her in and says this doesn't feel right. shes heavy. At the same time our deepest rigger parked at 90 pulling a White-green glow Pro-troll with an ultra green glow A-Tom-Mik starts ripping and bouncing like no ones business I tell Don get that lead in! well.....as he gets to the board he is met with my brilliant idea of keeping the board from sliding. Not to mention I wrapped 3 bands around the release. :lol: By the way, it wasn't sliding down the braid this time it was our third king of the Morning! After a few choice words and wtf's the board is off and we are doubled up. Tom's at the wheel, Donny's on the lead and Im watching my line counter spin like the cash register when I shop at narby's. After a short and light battle the lead is in and the second king hits the deck. We clear the back of the boat in preparation for our big king of the day. After a few good runs Donny slips the net under our 24 pounder. Three big kings in the box and its only 8:30.  :rofl: we were happy. The fourth king would become a struggle. We pulled a few small fish for next hour but it shut right down. warmer temps overtook our area so we moved out. On the way out our 300 copper pulling a stinger NBK  takes a shot and we boated our 4th fish to the box. A decent brown. After a handful of Lakers were reeled in and released to fight another day we decided to stick with our king program and tough it out with hopes of a lunch bite. Never happened. We were very happy with what we did considering it has been a tough king bite. We new we were up against alot of good boats and never thought we would place 5th and win big salmon. We were stoked!! This is our first time that we have placed in the top five for a tournament. Not to mention taking big salmon.     Thank you to all those who were involved in putting this together. Good work! Congratulations to Jakey Baby on taking the win!  A good work and job well done for all the boats that fished the derby weather you brought fish in or not. We have been in the "Not" plenty of times but always have a great time fishing with friends and meeting new people at the tournament.

















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