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Hub Shelter


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OK-- I'm tired of freezing my a** off and I'm ready to give up some mobility and get a shelter.

I fish with two adult kids and sometimes my wife comes too, so a flip isn't gonna work.

Looking for something that is readily portable, moveable and storable.

I'm not brand oriented--Shappell, Frabill, Clam, etc.





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I have a small Hub Style shelter made by Killzone. It is fine for 2-3 people. They also make a bigger one. I have not used it too much as I use my Fish Trap more often. The downside of Hub's is that they have to be anchored and not all that moveable when you get set up. There are a lot of reviews on portable shelters on the Ice Shanty fishing forum.  Good Luck.

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I have a Shappell Wide House 5500 that I got a few moths ago for $160.00. PM me for the name of the retailer. It is not insulated but has a thicker shell than most other brands. Goes up easy and also has windows. It is tight with me and my teenage boys in there so you may have to consider the 6500 Wide House. For the price I don't think you can beat this portable shelter.

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My problem with all the shelters I've seen as they are all imported junk.I bought my sons two clams a feww years ago and the floors are shot.Till I have a good quality shelter made here USA forget it.Maybe Ill look ebay for a used USA before the companies sold out their workers.Maybe a good USA made tent might work,want a bigger one for grandkids

We got to stop listening  to the people who keep telling us we can't produce affordable  quality products anymore.

USA made or bust.

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Got this one for my three little ones to keep warm on the ice.8×8 pops right up. Think I paid $250 ish. Love it. Myself and my two buddy's ALL 6ft fit as well. Comes with a back pack carrying pack. Got it off Amazon. Free shipping as well. Good luck.

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Hey I bet we could get enough professionals together and make one for production.We would be the only USA made shanty.

I know a great canvas guy that would love to get in on a business deal like this.

How about it ice fisherman !!!!

Ill let you know what he says and send me your ideas.

We could put a small number of people back to work.


Vietnam Veteran 68-69

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Hey, I have the clam nanook which when fully extended has more room than you would think. I recently took my wife and her two sisters fishing and there was room for a heater/two jigging holes/ and two 5gal pals for extra seats.

My buddy had a clam hub style tent. It without a doubt has more room. But what I'm not a fan of is you must bring chairs/sled/tent/gear/shovel. The nanook is just all contained in one and it all fits. My only complaint with the hub style is a pain to set up in the wind,if it's not anchored its flips right over and also the poles collapse back in sometimes. Then if there is snow you have to shovel the area out. Just some things to consider....the nanook takes less than a min to set up .....you'll be happy with whatever you choose As both have pros and cons

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