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Starting to give some thought to the nicer weather and getting ready for the new season of fishing, its the only thing that seems to ease the

reality of what a harsh and cold winter we have had. I know many seem too feel the same. I'm wanting to install a VHS marine radio on my

Yamaha G3 SPORT & FISHING BOAT this year, I fish out of Oswego. I usually do not venture more than a couple miles at most from port.

 I've used a hand held but I want the DSC function and my Elite GPS to be incorporated into it, for my size of boat I'm wondering what are

some of the good ones, recommended heights, easy removable ones. " has to be removable to put my canvas on" and any other

information fellow fisherman would like to share about smaller boat VHS radio and antenna's. All replies are deeply appreciated.

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It's all about the antenna all radios run at 25 watts the antenna is what makes it work . you can get by with a entry level radio but buy the biggest best antenna you can afford and match it to the radio for max output signal . Mini antennas won't cut it taller the better.

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Hand held radios only put out 5 watts so they don't hurt you.  The regular dash mounts with an 8' ant. put out up to 25 watts on hi.  The ant. height and the power help you alot when you need help !

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i would recommend a mobile dash mount radio and 8' antenna like stated above.another feature that i have on my radio,which i feel is very important is it has a weather alert mode.you can be listening to your vhf channels and if a weather emergency is broadcast like a sever thunderstorm warning or a small craft advisory,the radio will give off an alarm and automatically switch over to the weather broadcast.

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I had good luck with uniden brand but like stated above it is all about

antenna go with one like your Shakespeare /GALAXY the better antennas have a BRASS rod down the center not a coax cable I also would go with 8foot ant

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This has a built in GPS module so there's no complicated set-ups. It's gotten pretty good reviews and has been on the market for more than a year now:






Here's a link to a previous post I made. The links should still be active. It pretty well cuts through all the arm-chair theory and advertising hype. 


I highly recommend you read it before buying a new antenna.



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