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Chinook Salmon "Naturalized" (No Donations Please)

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Since the St. Lawrence Seaway will always remain open, Alewives will continue to persist in Lake Ontario. If you believe this premise then you must also understand that as long as there are Alewives, Chinook Salmon(Kings) will be needed to control this baitfish. Therefore, there will always be kings in Lake Ontario. In an attempt to stop Chinook Salmon from the continual treatment as a second rate "exotic" species by politicians who don't understand why an "exotic species" salmon program needs funding or by biologists who are in the hardcore "native species-only" camp. Perhaps changing the designation will lessen the burden.




Sorry everyone but I have to close this puppy down.  It appears the site started asking for donations.  I never set up the site to ask for donations.  I smell a rat.

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Signed, sealed and delivered, I will support any activity that supports ou fisherman and brings in revenue to the locals up there that need us guys to make a living!! Anything the government gets there mits on always gets screwed up one way or another.

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