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We broke the pier heads around 6:30am and took a right. We fished the stretch of water from Ship Builders to Hedges. Water color came and went, but the morning bite was insane! 75-100′ back on the boards, and 40-50′ back on our Cannon downriggers. Stud baits today were Bay Rat’s short shallow â€œMy Secret†and â€œGlow Green Frog.†Also, Rapala’s Brown Trout F9, and a Firetiger Smithwick Rogue. A great mix of small and decent sized fish. 


HIGHLIGHT of the DAY! In the cove East of Hedges we took a shot on our Cannon downrigger 5′ down 45′ back on a Stinger Mulatto. A 10lb King Salmon comes up to the surface half out of the water, and then heads for Sodus. His run lasted about 10 seconds, and the hooks pulled. Needless to say I was jumping up and down whining like a fool. A few Salmon were hooked on the South shore today from the Oak to Sodus. The 2015 season is on!












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That's great Rick, really glad to hear about the rats doing a good job, can't wait to swim a few of them myself. As always great report with awsome results for the turn of the season. Oh and a king to start the season is a plus also.

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Bruce - Here is a better look at Bay Rat's "My Secret"


BPS used to make a very similar color. I saw Bay Rat had something similar, so I had it made in the short shallow. 



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