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Well pretty much the same area as yesterday off Braddocks but had a late start due to over-sleeping so we didn't get set up til 8ish. It took a bit longer today but we found them along with 4 Steelhead. We had 5 kings, a Laker and the Steelies. All between 160-185 fow and actually spoons got a few today. Stingrays in silver/green for the Kings and silver/blue for Steelies and were down 83 and 91 today. Dipsy's took a few more fish today with a major coming on the 300 copper with a Big Wheenie board and meat. 400 copper didn't fair as well with a Zero today with exact same setup as yesterday. Thought our biggest king was gonna make the LOC board but was just shy of the 20th place fish so off she went for another day. Good luck out there as we all know the bite is gonna keep getting better. Tight Lines Tom R




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