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Seneca 07-18 Big Fish Saturday

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Haven't got to post to much with as busy as I've been. Fishing has been great the last three weeks on Cayuga and Seneca both. Ran a trip out of Severne and like Nick I got pinned down for the first hour due to the 6 am thunder storm. As soon as things broke up we ran north and put out the spread. Deep divers,slide divers,core,copper,and four riggers. It was game on with lots of big Lakers over nine pounds, bows, and one Big Brown that was just under 14 pounds. Thermal Cline is at 57ft best speed was 2.2 at the ball and Seneca ghost and Reel Hooked Up flys down deep off paddles, spoons in 55 to 80ft range. Here is a pic of the cooler at the start of the trip, client wanted the Brown for the wall.


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Nice report Sean thanks. That brown is probably one I'd put on the wall too from the Fingers... beautiful fish. :yes:

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