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Hardwater report !!


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This was the South end launch yesterday (Wednesday) evening. We were dropping a bottle of wine off to a cottage owner who allows us access, and rode down to the launch just to say goodbye. The picture tells the tale. 


On a better note, the Birdhouse Brewing Company in town has good food and eats. A limited menu, but yummy stuff. And there's a fire pit as well as woodstoves out back to enjoy as you eat.




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Fished the south end this morning for a hour . Once the sun came out I was out. I probably could have fished for a bit if it did come out. I had a spud and was checking as I was fishing. Had a good bite going to. Took a pic of what candle stick looks like for people that might not know. This is 10in of ice with 1 hit. Time to put the gear away!!IMG_20210311_074820.jpegIMG_20210311_074923.jpegIMG_20210311_075753.jpeg

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