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Yankee Troller

Crazy Yankee Sportfishing - 2nd Lake Ontario trip for 2018

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Today started with plan A and plan B being a bust. It was too rough to run over from the Genesee River, and there wasn't enough water in the bay to fish. We snuck out onto the lake and had a half mile stretch that was "fishable." In an hour and a half we took 8 Brown Trout. Most of them were very nice fish too!


Behind our Off Shore Tackle Company OR-12 in-line planer boards we ran Bay Rat Lures S3 sand Short Shallow sticks. Coho Crusher and My Secret being the studs! Behind the Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers we ran Team Dreamweaver Super Slims in Crazy **** and Chilly Willy.


All fish were returned to fight another day!



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23 minutes ago, Shaker_on said:

What were your colors of choice?


Read the post. They're in there.

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Nice work guys. Keep the pictures coming. My first trip will be April 6, 7, & 8th out of the Oak.

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Scary looking crew you have there! Glad you made it work today.

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