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Waneta Lake Tournament - June 2nd

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The tournament yesterday at Waneta Lake was a great success. 45 anglers participated with a total of 16 fish being caught ranging from 31” to 45” (a few fish under 30” were caught as well). There were fish caught throughout the day but the majority of fish seemed to come midday through the end of the tournament with the last hour producing quite a few fish. Many of us learned a valuable lesson fishing Friday and Saturday; regardless of the forecast make sure you bring sunscreen (Friday) and a set of warm clothes (Saturday)!

First place and big fish went to “The Musky Maulers” including Steve Harnish, Brad Houtz, and Jeffrey Houtz. Steve (first time fishing for muskies) caught a 44” *big fish*, 35”, & 40”. Brad Houtz caught a 34” for a team total of 49 points.

Second place went to the Ranalletta’s. Mike caught a 31”, 37”, & 41” while Alyssa caught her first muskie, a real nice 40” fish. Their team total was 45 points.

Third place went to the team of Clint Nicholson and Jay Adams. Jay Adams caught a 45” fish early on in the tournament but was not signed up for big fish. Their team total was 19 points.

Other scoring fish caught:

33” & 37” – Mike Guinan

36” – Doug Coney

36” – Jason Allen

32” – Bobby Dymond

32” – Casey Hoffman

31” – Travis Young










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