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Wrights Landing is closed !!

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Disappointing news . If the weather pattern don't change. It might not reopen . Over 500 hundred tornadoes and heavy rain keep coming up the middle of the country and dumping heavy rains in the Northeast. On top of water coming from lake Erie. I rather have low water in the fall than extensive high water in the spring...

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Wow. I just got back from fishing out of Wright’s. When I went to buy ice they said they are closed and can’t sell ice but didn’t clarify that they were closing everything.


I had planned to go back in the morning but I guess not now. Thanks for the post.


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17 hours ago, StormFront said:

What about Oswego marina? Is there a public launch there?

Boat launch will also close on Sunday until further notice according to Wright's staff. (if you mean Wright's)

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