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Saying bye to Bob my fishing partner

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So sorry to hear of your loss. My fishng partner and I have been together for more then 30 years. He's about 10 years older then me. (65) He's slowing up in alot of ways and i guess i am too. When he can't do it anymore I just don't know what I'll do. We're going strong this season!! We'll see what the future brings!! Lots of great memories!!! Its not just about the fishing!!! RIP.

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Sad news. Sorry for you and his family. We all have had good times and bad times fishing with our buddies. It's the memories and spending time together that keeps them in our thoughts forever.
I also have an older fishing partner that is getting up their in years now and is slowing down. It breaks my heart that someday its going to come to an end. It really makes me appreciate our time together now.

I have made friends with a family in the campground we stay at in the spring. I noticed this year their dad wasn't there this year. They said he had passed and they almost didn't come up this year. They then told me they changed their minds when they said dad didn't start us doing this as a family to stop when he was gone. None of our buddies would ever want us to stop doing what we love when they are gone.

So for Bob and all our friends and family that are no longer with us. Let's keep fishing and making memories in their honor.

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