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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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First sit of the season, and I could have taken a slammer buck.  I didn't even pick up my bow.  If I had, I think I might have shot him, because I probably couldn't have stopped myself.  But i decided before I went out yesterday that there was no way I was shooting a buck this early and moping around the rest of the season.  I know, I'm crazy.  I could have been fishing, duck hunting, shooting does.  And I would have gone through the fall feeling a certain lack.  There's something about the focus and intensity in late October when the rut kicks in and you're on edge knowing any moment could be THE moment that I can't get doing all those other things.  I'd be giving that up by poking a random stud that wandered across my set early.  I was up in the middle of the night wondering if I'd screwed the pooch, but I'm okay with my decision this morning.  At least it wasn't work keeping me up lol. Time to go hunting!

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October 5 am
45 degrees
ENE wind 5-10 mph
Mostly sunny
Crisp cool fall morning

Certainly a picture perfect October morning to be in the woods. All the deer movement was before legal shooting time. Three deer seen this morning. Turkeys, raccoons, and a coyote gave me some entertainment also.
Noticed two scrapes today both within 15 yards of the stand.


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