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Foot ball


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:lol: I'm picking the Chiefs and Packers today Brian. I think that Mahomes kid with more experience and no serious injuries may end up being the best quarterback ever (in terms of native talent) as his career moves along.

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5 hours ago, HB2 said:

A changing of the guard . 


Nice to see different teams . 



Super bowl is  a toss up . 

That is exactly what my wife and I discussed yesterday. Kinda neat to see a team that hasn't played in one in 50 years too:smile:

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Super bowl LIV


49ers vs Chiefs.


50 years since KC been to the super bowl. San Francisco 49ers are they the American team now?

I pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs. Either way I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good game. Add some cold brews some buffalo wings and a half time show Jennifer Lopez and Sakura swinging their hips with barely nothing on can't be that bad . Oh yeah Can't forget the corny commercials.


R.I.P. Mr. Peanut.



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