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Special Mate - still the best??


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Good Day, I sit here with my 200 plus sticks and spoons, organizing repairing and cleaning. I have been using Big Water Bait Box's for years. Clear see through heavy boxes from Duluth. I have three of them. Was hoping to hear back from everyone around the old topic "lure storage". I really am happy with the my Big Water boxes, other then I now have three of them, And there seems to be a more then a few at the bottom of the box due to dropage. My question......Special Mate or is there something newer folks have been using and are happy with? 


Thanks, Dave

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I prefer the clear boxes.  Organize them by color/size so I'm not flipping through layers of spoons.  Plus, if someone leaves the Special Mate open in rougher seas and it takes a spill, not fun to clean up and reorganize.  I know from experience. :doh:

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18 minutes ago, orangediablo said:

Been there twice.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  No longer use it :)

I still use both of mine love em. Any box you leave open will make a mess in the boat. I do like the ones I see with the individual sleeves for each lure.

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