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Launched at Wrights landing before 5am each morning. Was very surprised to see so few boats also launching. Only Saturday morning we saw some boat traffic at the launch and then on the water it was pretty busy.


We headed east each morning towards the Nuke Plant in 15-20ft of water. We had non stop action until about 1030-11am each day on the Browns. Boated well over 50 of the them for the 3 days we were out there. The best day being our 1st day on the water. We ran flatlines with Goby Bay Rats on the big boards and 2 color SWR rigs on the downriggers. Our speed was anywhere from 1.9-2.4mph. After the morning bite wore off we went looking for kings, had no luck finding them. We tried 40-80ft at multiple depths, 3 colors, 5 colors, and 7 colors plus 20-30ft down on the riggers. Got the Atlantic on a 7 color down the chute on a gold/copper Mooselook Thinfish spoon. The hot color on the riggers was anything copper. Greens and oranges did nothing for us. We stayed with Natural looking colors for all of our action.


The hoodie definitely was the difference maker :-D 









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