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Seneca holiday weekend recap.

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After running 5 trips this past weekend, the fishing was spectacular!

From morning trips to the evening trips. More bites than anyone can count.


Unfortunately the eel presence is scary high, but do not worry, we let them go in more pieces than we found them in.


Fish are very active in the 80 to 100 fow range however some more are being taken out over deeper water. The bait still isn't quite breaking up yet. Just go's for miles...


Be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming year!


Have fun and fish on!20200703_093928.jpeg20200703_204856.jpeg64694.jpeg


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Hi, I'm very new to trolling for trout on Seneca and would appreciate ANY advice you have.  I'm running one downrigger (Marina hasn't secured a second downrigger mount).  I went out with this last Sunday out of Severn and the wife and I were on the water at 0630.  Water was pretty rough and we ran to the east side which wasn't much better.  There was a lot of weeds floating around and did not mark a lot of fish trolled for an hour or so with nothing happening.  We crossed back to the west side and went up around the point where we found some calmer water but marked nothing.  Went back around the point and trolled for a couple of hours, marked some fish and put the rigs right thru them but no hits.  I was running spoons and then changed to a large cowbell with a popcorn on it and a spoon.  Varied speed between 1.6 - 2.0, targeting 1.8mph.  Fish I did mark were at 40fow.  Just looking for anything to help increase odd of putting a fish in the new boat.  Thanks!

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I was Marking fish and the fish finder was showing I was running my rigs thru them. It was GPS speed.  I am using 20# Seager leader on anything i tied up.  The one cowbell I ran was on the deeper rig w a popcorn, probably at 60-50 ft then 10-15 ft above that. We wasted time running up down and across the lake looking for weed free-Ish runs and did eventually find some but when we did something w the presentation didn’t entice a bite. I’m traveling thru Pulaski tomorrow and may swing into fat Nancy to see what other things they may recommend, will probably try one morning this weekend again, would just love to get the first fish in the boat. 

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what size cowbells were you using? I have a couple hammerhead 4/0 and I am wondering if they are to big? I am planning on spending a week at Keuka in August 



15 hours ago, Bike and Boat said:

Fished Keuka today. Got three small Lakers. All on bottom rigger in 120-140.fow. 90’ down w a cowbell in front. They were not interested in either troll pro flasher setup. All in fro t of the bluff. We may be giving up on Seneca for a bit. Good times had. Thanks all


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