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Yankee breaking in the New Year right! 1/1/21

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Hit the water around 8:30am with my brother and a buddy. There was no shortage of color from recent winds. We stayed off the beach hoping to get into some cleaner water, but that didn't really pan out. We had no shortage of bites, and the ones we landed were all part of a nice class. Most fish were in that 5-8lb range. We pulled Offshore inline boards with Bay Rat Short Shallow sticks from 60-100' back. Chinook divers out 10-15', and our Cannon downriggers back 40' down 6-9'. White cupped spoons were best on those presentations. Bay Rats that went were Green Frog, Citrus Shad, Ghost Wipe, and red with black squiggles. If this weather stays decent we'll get back out there!




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Nice going Rick ....and here I was checking for ice on one of the Fingers:lol: I knew I shouldn't have put the boat up this year:-(

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