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Tom Margeit memorial tournament roll call!

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1 hour ago, marinerak87 said:

It was a great tournament had alot of fun. One thing i noticed is why do some people not weigh their fish at the end? Your ego so big that if you dont place you dont want no part of it? Just baffles me is all.. just my 2 cents

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Sometimes it is worth giving folks the benefit of a doubt before jumping to negative conclusions:smile:

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First of all I have no recollection of the specific  issue to which you are referring and it may have been from some time ago apparently. Let me first say that whatever my comment was it was never intended to question someones honesty in a public format so if it may have been poorly worded or something it was misperceived if that was the case. When fish weights are estimated - especially from digital pics for example they can be easily misinterpreted. I usually rely on the data from the table in the DEC syllabus of approximate weights of different species when the length of the fish is a known factor and these weights are generally quite close (e.g. within a pound or less of the actual weights of fish I  have had weighed on certified scales over time). That is what I use for the basis of a comment on weight and there can be exceptions to those figures. If you interpreted my comment in any way that suggested it was questioning your (or anyone's) honesty or integrity for that matter I fully apologize for not making that clear in any comment I may have made. I hope this resolves the issue for you.

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Frogger is right. I'm over it. Tried to explain things anyway.... Great tribute event and we should not lose sight of that fact.

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Been off LOU for a bit, sorry guys..
Here's my report.. I've been tying my own flies this year and it's been so much fun. I run Ryan Koepke custom paddles (ITO) with my flies. Custom spoons from a few guys, but one this week from a close friend was on fire. Orange was hot! Here's a few photos from the weekend. The key was finding the big girls which is never easy.
The bow was 7-12 and our biggest laker was 12-14 our smallest laker was just under 9lbs.
The tourney is always a blast to fish and seeing a lot of younger anglers made my day, especially a kid I met named Chance.. we shared a few secrets on how we fished and I hope he learned that the most important part was that the more we try to help others succeed the more we both succeed! Tight lines guys!20210807_122008.jpg20210807_094635.jpg20210624_123216.jpg20210624_121858.jpg20210807_151334.jpg

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