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Yankee @ the Oak Aug 7/8

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Aug 7th (morning) - Man, what a morning! Started off slow for our return clients from Maryland, but we found the chew around 10am sniffing the Canadian border. We started the morning on the 27.5N line and had some slow action. Talked to a few guys and the bite seemed tough. Made the decision to trek North and when we crossed the 32N it was GAME ON! It was a morning we’ll label as “what could have been.” We’re not usually about numbers but we cleaned 7, tossed back 4, and lost 15 fish. Most of those were screamers.

Best spoon today was a Glow Roy Boy parked at 85’. Best flasher was a Marv’s fatty meat rig loaded with an MC Rocket. Other things that took fish:

> Hammertime Flasher/Hammer Lime Live 180’ diver

> Seneca Special FLasher/A-TOM-MIK Big fin fly

> White Two Face UV meat rig with an A-TOM-MIK meat rig loaded with an MC Rocket on 500’ A-TOM-MIK copper

> UV Glow Pickleseed on 400’ A-TOM-MIK copper


August 7th (afternoon) - On our Saturday afternoon trip we had Dave and his son from Albany join us. There was no doubt in my mind we needed to go back out to where we had all those bites in the morning. Granted, it was only a 4-Hour evening trip, but that’s where the best bite was today.

Right as we sat down on the 31 North line we got a phone call about some storms about to roll through, so we started rolling South and watching the radar. As soon as the storms hit the lake they dissolved, so we pointed it back North. This wasted about an hour of our time. As soon as we touch the 32 North line all hell broke loose again, but we encountered the same issue we had this morning of not being able to land our bites. We cleaned 4, tossed back a decent Salmon, and lost 10 screamers.

Things that went tonight:

> NK Green Monkey Puke Mupped on a 65’ Cannon Downrigger

> DW Glow Roy Boy Mupped on a 85’ Cannon Downrigger

> Green UV meat rig parked at 150’ on a Cannon Downrigger loaded with an MC Rocket

> Mag Glow UV Pickleseed on a 400’ A-TOM-MIK copper

> Mag UV Yellowtail on a 400’ A-TOM-MIK copper

> White Two Face UV flasher/A-TOM-MIK meat rig loaded with an MC Rocket on a 500’ A-TOM-MIK copper

> Seneca Special Flasher/A-TOM-MIK Big fin fly 200’ diver

> Marv’s fatty flasher/homemade meat rig loaded with an MC Rocket


August 8th - The anticipation was high this morning after we put them to bed on our evening trip. Scott and his gang from Maryland joined us again this morning looking for redemption on the missed bites yesterday. What we found was a bleak screen most of the day between the 31-34N lines. We stuck it out hoping for a late morning flurry, but all we got was a slow pick on steelhead. There was no stand out today, and most lures were one and done. There’s a nice pocket of mature Salmon out there somewhere with soar lips, but we just couldn’t locate it. That being said the Steelhead we caught were nice ones. It should be a nice September offshore chasing them.



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We all appreciate your time to make these posts. It helps a ton and know your effort to make these posts gives us normal guys a better shot at bending a rod or two. Very generous of ya!

#1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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6 minutes ago, dickey said:

Nice job. Whaler and I trailered to the oak on Sunday and we were hoping to see your beautiful boat out there. We stayed around 460 but never got to see her.

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We were about 140' deeper all weekend

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6 minutes ago, SQUIRE said:

Hello , The term you used( MUPPED ) Would you please explain that term, and the use. Thank you for your insightful Reports.


Mupped is a term we use at the Oak. It's when you run the Mag on the pinned cheater and a regular sized spoon on the main line.

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15 hours ago, SQUIRE said:

Thanks, but you open up a new line of questions.( Pinned Cheater ) is it  similar to a Stacker or Slider ?


A sliding cheater you put your downrigger down to the desired depth and attach cheater to your main line and toss it overboard. A pinned cheater you put the downrigger down 10-15' half hitch a rubber band to your mainline and attach your cheater to the main line and the rubber band. That rubber band pins it above your main line.

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