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ADK Laker Help - Fulton Chain

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Hi Everyone,


Our family is staying on 4th lake for the week through labor day. Always done pretty well on LT and LLS. Can't move a rod this year in 5 days. Confidence pretty low at this point.


I've tried all the usual stuff... spoons, cowbells, plugs even some FF and meat. Have also tried vertical jigging with no results. Screen lit up with smelt just about everywhere in 40+ which could be part of the problem.


Any help is super appreciated.


Thank you.




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Do you happen t have any Sutton #71's or anything close to that shape as they look a lot like smelt? Thin light weight flutter spoon 4 inches long.


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We ran into the same problem in July when we fished Indian lake (about an hr. East of forth lake, but similar fishing).  Marked a ton of bait but did not move a rod in two days.  Seems like it was a great year in the adirondacks for smelt.


Do you happen to have any slide divers with you?  In previous years they have always produced well for me on the ADK’s.  50-70 foot leads of the diver with small spoons or smelt imitating plugs (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch spoons and sticks). Best colors for us have been chartreuse/green, blue, and copper for the Lakers, and orange for the landlocks.  Best luck on landlocks has been from 35 to 55 ft down and faster speeds.  

Another thing that has worked well for me up there is fixed cheaters 10 ft above your mainline.  For some reason the cheater seems to take the majority of the hits compared to the mainline lure.  

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Great advice.  My slide divers are parked at home in my basement, ugh. I have fixed cheaters set and will give them a go this morning.


Believe it or not had a decent bite yesterday on flasher + meat.  I shaved down some lake O herring strips to make them a bit more streamlined and that got them chasing into the riggers and a couple small Lakers on the deck.


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