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4/8 Brown on Cayuga

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Had to share this one. 

South East end of Cayuga in 18FOW. Flatline Rapala BX jointed minnow in blueback herring back 160’. The smaller one, maybe 4” long? Somewhere out front around the house that says Moneysunk on the front.  No secrets here!

I release nearly all the silvers I catch, barring injury, in the thoughts that one day “I’ll get them when they are bigger!” Well, the 8th was the day. 

13.95lbs, 31” long, 18.5” girth. 

Unfortunately, couldn’t be release. She clobbered that lure and tore up her gills. 

She was spawned out already, but had around 10 alewives in all forms of digestion and possibly a couple gobies in her belly. What a fish for Cayuga! 

(cropped out my father in laws face because I didn’t ask him to post this)

We also boated a respectable 7.5lb rainbow. 20 minutes before this fish and a few average fish all day. Couldn’t be happier! 

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2 hours ago, Fishstix said:

Definitely a wall hanger.  Congrats.   I bet the south end of Cayuga is busy this morning.!

Water temp as of yesterday was 56deg yesterday and 43deg on the bottom in 20’. Picked a few average fish from there. Try water temp rose over 10 degrees during this heat wave we just had. Slowed the fish up considerably. 6-10boats out yesterday when I was there and no one stuck together much. Seemed like a lot of fishing and not a lot of catching. 

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