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  2. 2-J-13’s. 14.00. (3 lots available) 3- J-9’s. 16.00. 1 lot available. 3-F-9’s. 16.00. 2 lots available 3-F-11’s. 16.00. 5 lots available 3-F-7’s. 15.00. 2 lots available 3-F-7’s. 15.00. 4 lots available 3-HJ-8’s. 15.00. 4 lots available 3-HJ-10’s. 15.00. 7 lots available Paypal for payment I will send a proper PayPal invoice shipping will be 5.00 if you buy 1 lot or all lots
  3. Been lurking here for a couple seasons...love reading this every day, keeps me excited to get out and hunt. Congrats to everyone who connected this year. I closed out a long gun season on our property with a hunt yesterday in 6K in a foot of snow. No success this year but we are still learning the property a bit, gaining insight for next season every hunt. Pulled all my cameras and checked when I got home. Went from elation (bear and 2 of the biggest racks I've ever seen) to borderline rage (2 d-bags on motorcycles twice over Thanksgiving weekend). UGGGHHH!!!!
  4. Good question . With the white spectrum above and below the blue on its wing , it would be considered a mallard. I bet most wouldn't even see that and call it a mallard anyway. Could probably argue it tho. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Great stuff Matt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Fishing site boys. I am impressed Lucky that you have managed to expand your holiday saltiness into topics such as livable wages.
  7. I use the Panther bar connector for my 10 hp kicker. The main Motor needs to remain in the lowered position as it increases your steering control. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Today
  9. That's hilarious. Its actually both! My son is only 4 and definitely on the smallish size both has the work ethic of a grown man. And the doe was a tank, didnt realize how big she was until we started dragging her out to where we could get a wheeler to her.
  10. We’re a family of 5 and I’m the main source of income, if it wasn’t for a good paying job in the construction industry we’d be poor
  11. I don't think you qualify for welfare if you make $15.00 an hour. My daughter is making less than that and receives no handouts.
  12. Are you trying to imply that people in the construction trade are over paid? Maybe we should all make $15/hr so our families can live off welfare to make ends meet and not put any money into retirement so the government can pay for us when we’re unable to work
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Is that a horse or. What ?
  14. It really depends on the officer and how well they can id a duck. In general the most prevalent characteristics should win. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I had an issue with some Browning insulated bibs two years ago. I contacted customer service, they asked for a picture, and the next day they issued a credit for anything that I wanted out of their catalog, sans firearms. I decided to replace the bibs, and they recommended that I wait for the next year's model to come out in June, since it was the end of the season. Come June, I'd forgotten about it when a package showed up at my door. Love Browning!
  16. CVA Accura V2 with the nitride finish. Great gun! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Well between my kid's basketball tournament and getting some work done during this warm trend, hunting has been brought to a screaming halt. Good news is that it should leave my schedule open for muzzleloader season. It aint over yet!
  18. Just thought I would share this customer service story... So as you guys have probably learned I have replaced all of my misc trail cameras with a dozen Browning cameras. I had one that one that was malfunctioning due to the IR not working. According to my pictures it just got worse and worse until it just stopped working all together resulting in dark pictures at night. I emailed Browning and of course their response was to send them the camera along with the receipt. I responded back to them stating that I didnt have a receipt. The customer service rep looked up the serial number on the camera and said "no problem, It is under warranty. Just send it in". Well a month later, I have a new camera in the mail. No screwing around. Love these cameras, love the customer service!
  19. I will take them Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Congratulations to everyone that scored during the season! I finally decided it was time to put some meat in the freezer and took a doe tonight. Wasn't too hard following the blood trail. On a side note, I would like to buy a muzzleloader before next season, what does everyone recommend? Sent from my SM-A505U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Is your son really a little guy or is that an extra large doe? It looks huge!
  22. Tom B. With all due respect what reaction did you expect to take place in 2017 when the plan was in place less than 90 days and the lake level was preparing to reach all time highs just as areas of Montreal were being wiped out from floods on the Ottawa. Lake superior set monthly high records this year in May, June, July, August, September and missed october by 1.1 inches. The flood damage on every great lake is just as bad if not worse than we are dealing with here on Ontario. As somebody who regularly fishes Erie, St. Clair, the Niagara, Ontario and the St. Lawrence both above and below the dams and the Ottawa one thing I can tell you for sure is every one of them is experiencing the highest water levels they've ever dealt with. When you see water lines 9 ft above normal on boat launches and on 2nd story rooflines on the Ottawa you realize just how much water we have dealt with in the almost 300,000 miles that make up our drainage basin. Everywhere I've fished this year I've gotten to hear about how "it's the highest they've ever seen it in 50 years or 60 years of fishing there" but only here on lake ontario do we expect to be an exception because we have somebody to blame. We arent an exception here on Ontario because of some boards control over a spillway at a dam. 1 dry spring and itll be a non topic as everyone moves on to griping about how thier slip is bone dry and all the new poorly designed permanent docks are too high to use.
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