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  2. We are excited to bring the Lake Ontario Championship Series back for year #3 NEW for 2019: FREE entry for DII entrants with chance to win $500 cash plus $500 in sponsor products. With the Spring KOTL coming next weekend, teams may want to consider entering before that event if they are participating in it, especially Canadian teams that are competing in both KOTL events and maybe a Tight Lines event. There are 4 Canadian events to choose from, so Canadian teams not competing in any USA events in 2019, can simply enter all 4 Canadian events upfront. DI remains the same as years past. DII was amended to a free entry in order to make this a fun and exciting-see how you do against your peers all season event. We keep the running scoreboard all year for you. You simply pick 5 events prior to participating in your first one. We use your best 3 and we allow 5 picks even though you may not know the events you may do. No harm in picking extra events-we only use best 3. Divisions: Division I is geared more for the charter captain, pro anglers or serious fisher people. Entrants in this division would be those typically qualified to enter the Pro division only in Pro Am style events. Cost: $100 event (same as last 2 years) Awards Overall Winner: 70% Runner Up: 30% Division II is designed more for the recreational angler and part time tournament angler. However, pros or charter captains can participate in DII if they choose those events that are "NOT" listed as AM (only) events. Cost: FREE Awards Overall Winner: $500 cash plus $500 min. in sponsor prizes Runner Up: $200.00 check and $300 min. in sponsor prizes. http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/about.html Questions: [email protected] Thank You
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  4. Out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin. Not 10 minutes after we hit the lake the fog showed up. Made things interesting for sure. Thank you GPS and compass. Landed 4 Browns (lost another at the boat) and the King within an hour. The King managed to make enough of a mess that we pulled the gear to sort it out. Good thing....not 2 minutes later another boat appeared in the fog and we were able to turn and scoot out of the way without messing up their set up. We called it a day after that one. No need to push the luck crossing someone else's path. Turns out there were at least 6 other boats out there based on the trailers in the lot. Water was nice and green. Temp was 46 or so. All fish hit between 10 and 20 FOW. 2nd pic gives a good sense of just how thick the fog was. In hindsight, we probably should have just turned around and headed home due to the fog..
  5. Syracuse area Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Can't wait to get up there coming up the 1st weekend in May, hopefully we can meet up with you Mr. Clean!
  7. You can catch hordes of suspended lakers in Lake Ontario right now, but month to month my money would be on pounding dirt.
  8. Fishin is hot in FH. Everyone came back this am by 11 due to limiting out. Tomorrow will be tricky due to the winds coming in tonight. We shall see..
  9. Everybody talks speed but here is an example of the temp from a Fishhawk being the difference. Two years ago I went out with a friend on a crappy cool rainy day late July. We stayed inside and worked 35-40 water with great temp for browns. We put a pretty good beating on them. As the day wore on the temp started moving out deeper and so did the browns. Nothing in the sky and the air temp led us to believe the shift would occur as fast as it was to deeper water. But without the down temp we would not have been able to stay on those browns as they moved out deeper with the water temp. Its not just about find the perfect water for the species because yeah you will catch fish out of temp. But its also situations like this I am glad I have a Fishhawk for down temp and speed.
  10. our climate is very cold here. 8 months of cold temps. i wont fish suspended fish during this period because water temp is to cold. bait and fish like the warmer water on the bottom. I can catch a lot of fish but most of them will be on the smaller side. 15 to 25 inches. when the thermoline sets up in late June. I can go after fish way up early morning out of temp zone. I can catch some big slobs in the early morning. once the sun comes up they move back down. If you want big fish. fish way up. if you want lots of fish. fish down. they will be smaller. I don't care about big fish, I release them back to the lake. I like numbers my dinks 15 to 25 inches. the good eating ones 18 to 20 inches. 21 to 25 they go in the smoker. 26 and up back to the lake.
  11. best ones I ever used came from a tackle shop from lake ontario. they hardly had any pull to them. they were 3 bladed bells. I trolled those ones off a down rigger rod. commercial ones from davis. they had 7 blades. these bad boys pulled hard. I bent the blades in the opposite direction a little to cut down the hard pull a little. I trolled them with a hand line or connect them to a down rigger ball. I got tired buying them. I made mine up with wire and looked around for parts to make them myself. 5 to 7 blades worked best for me.
  12. Perfect fix. Thank you all! Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I like thin braided 4 to 6 pound test. I use a tiny snap to connect my thin Sutton spoon to it. troll it slow. nice action. this works nice for finger lakes and lake Erie walleye for me. no stretch with super braid line. 10 ft leader.
  14. 10 pound seaguar fluorocarbon 15ft - 30ft long leaders. you might better be to long than to short.
  15. Just buy the damn thing and get it over with . Should I ? Shouldn't I ? When you go out and don't hook up and others are , the doubt will be in your mind at this point and you will regret it .
  16. Just west of the plant,10-20 fow, purple sticks. 4 in the box so far
  17. How much for the big Jon rod holder ? Do you have 2 Steve Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Sale still pending, I will let you know hopefully within the next week or so. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Flashers sold Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. I can send pics to your phone. Just Pm me your number
  21. where did you say the location of the boat is? Thanks Bob
  22. Pm sent Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. A little hard to tell from the picture when I try to blow it up everything blurs out Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. I would be interested in Scatter raps if you have the let me know what size and what color pattern Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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