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  1. X3 on the Sea Bands. I carry 2 sets on my boat and unlike the others that need to be taken ahead of time they'll work even if you put them on after you're sick. I myself have never had to use them but those on my boat that have always had great results.
  2. X2 on this site for great deals. If you're buying new though I don't think you can beat TDR rigger rods or Eagle Claw diver rods for the money. My rigger rods see also 81/2' but my divers are 10'
  3. The Harrisburg show is a great show, we go every year but not much toward fishing big water. Can't give you any advice that wasn't already given by other guys here except good buys on here in the classified section also.
  4. I went thru all this also including pulling the pickup tube and completely draining the tank and filling with fresh fuel. In the end it was timing. I discounted the timing because it would idle and up to 3000 rpms just fine, after that it was rough and cutting out. My buddy says boats have to be adjusted under load? Don't know but it sure fixed my problem.
  5. I had the same problem with my Volvo Penta. Changed filters, made it better for a bit. Cleaned and drained fuel system, made it better for a bit. Sometimes it would go good, sometimes like it was starving for fuel. Marina even changed prop, no difference just wasn't getting RPM's. For 2 years my buddy at work kept telling me he thought it was timing. He ended up taking a ride with me and he was right. He fixed it in 15 seconds.
  6. I'snt that the truth. My dipsey rods are 10' so that's about what I keep my leaders and they're 30lb.
  7. I'll second Troutmans torpedoes, he makes them in different weights.
  8. I'm with Legacy, 2 rigger, 2 wire divers and 2 coppers and run sliders off the rigger rods.
  9. #1 - Atommik Glow Hammer #2 - Atommik Pro Am U/V Both all conditions
  10. Definitely run them as sliders. They work great for steelies and cohos but I've had kings take them also.
  11. Yes that's too bad. I guess they could think someone was trying to scam them but all they would have to do is send more for the $45 it cost them but instead they'll loose customers, not very good business to me. I've said before there are plenty good mail order houses and I try to buy local but if not FishUSA gets my business. Never had a problem and they're quick.
  12. Good guide to start off with for both size divers, braid or wire.
  13. I have the 9.9 Merc on my 23' Baha and it pushes fine but like said waves get up into the 4' range I need the big engine. Waves start building that high though and we're usually going back. I also had a Panther and while true you can control it from anyplace on the boat it's much easier with the motors connected with an EZ Steer and using the steering wheel, especially if you have someone that doesn't fish much at the helm.
  14. Luke I usually don't tie them any bigger than a dime. Hot pink, chartreuse and blue are my main colors. I wouldn't go near the river without blue. Hoping to sneak up myself before rifle starts. Good luck.
  15. Plastic are throw a ways meaning if you have to use them they can't be recharged. Aside from that you're far better ahead spending the extra money for an all metal. It's something you hope you never need but if you do you need it to work.
  16. Sk8man it sounds like you led my life. You couldn't be more right with this.
  17. X2 with chinook35 but I bought mine when they first came out. The first time I was checked the officers didn't know what it was. I don't think they issue them that way anymore and it's a shame, they're the same as a credit card.
  18. I had a plate for years on my previous boat but like Pap said I reinforced it so it wouldn't bend, never had a problem. My boat now is bigger with a kicker and I carry bags just incase. IMO a kicker is the way to go, just for the fact that you have another engine as a backup.
  19. Just went and bought the Helix. Always liked Humminbird and have not read or heard anything bad about them.
  20. Great advice here as none of us thinks it can happen to us. Checking your bilge pumps are equally as important. When I put the boat away last season everything worked including the new pump I had just put on the auto switch. This spring before launching I checked and the new pump didn't work but the switch did. After removing the pump I found someone had cut a piece of mono and it found its way into the bilge and wrapped itself around the pump impeller shaft thus burning the pump out. An hour later after a quick trip for a new pump I was back in business but I wasn't going out without that pump functioning.
  21. I followed this almost as soon as it happened late Saturday afternoon. It was reported they were fighting a fish when boat suddenly started taking on water. Obviously something catastrophic happened, speculation possibly a thru hull fitting failed. They will know eventually, either way it's a very sad tradjedty to happen for something we take for granted and enjoy so much. Prayers go out to the family of the captain and to all involved.
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