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Solo trip from 7 to 930. 
Best water was 80-120 50 to 65 down. 
3 for 3 with a bow and two Kings. Larger King was mid teens 65 down on a paddle pulling meat. First trip with the new riggers and tracks which was pretty cool. 


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I've been blowing through there on plane the last couple of weeks.... the water level is still high but dropping like a rock, so will be idling out with the trim up until it gets dredged.




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According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), the level at Braddock Heights has gone down from a high of 247.52 ft on May 17 to the current level of 246.85 ft on June 10.  So a drop of 0.67 ft (or 8 inches) over a 24 day period.  So that's basically 1 inch per every 3 days over the last 3.5 weeks.

Since we have not had any measurable rain in 3 weeks I guess a little drop might have been expected.

Army Core of Engineers projection is for only a 3 inch decrease between now and July 9.

Hopefully the anticipated rain will help.




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