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Spinning rod for pike and musky

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Generally almost, if not all, musky anglers use baitcasters for a number of practical reasons. They don't twist the line like spinning reels do. There are models specifically built to handle heavy pressure and have powerful drag systems needed to keep the fight short so as to not over stress the fish by a long fight. They can hold enough and handle 80 lb to 100 lb test braid and will have less problems with foul casts. Use of a baitcaster with musky lures, as opposed to bass lures, is technically easier because of their weight.


Also two piece rods are generally more prone to breakage because of uneven bend due to the two piece connection. There are 9' rods available that telescope from the handle. So you can transport them at about 1.5' shorter.





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Cabelas/bass pro makes a predator musky spinning rod.  It's actually a decent stick as I've had buddies who set up light jigging set ups with them.  Would be a nice set up paired with a large spinning reel and 65lb braid.  7'9" so 3" short of what you hoped for but definitely up to the task.

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I have an older version of the Bass Pro Predator spinning rod.  Nice rod!  Like iiwhistlerii said, it is a little short for what you were looking for and is a 1-piece.  Here are a few other companies that might be worth looking into for other options:

- Tackle Industries has a 1-piece spinning rod over 8ft.  They used to sell it in 2-piece.  It might be worth reaching out to see if they have any left laying around?

- St Croix has spinning rods in the Premier lineup (maybe in the mojo line as well?)

- I know Daiwa and Okuma used to have spinning rods for Musky/Pike.

- Didn't Chaos tackle also?  I cannot find it on their website anymore.


Not sure where you are located, but may be easiest just calling up Chautauqua Reel Outdoors and asking Mike Sperry if he has any recommendations.  He would have a lot of knowledge on this since he has spinning setups for clients on his boat.  Also, he may have something in stock or easily be able to order for you.  good luck!


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I have a one piece laying around new ive never used, happy to rehome if u want. Only 7' but it's a musky innovation predator series 3-15oz with tags still on it.  585-287-2725 if interested. $40.

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I use a 7' two piece, mainly so I can travel to good lakes on a plane with it.

It's medium-heavy.  I put 30 lb braid on it, and I use a 20 lb or 30 lb fluoro leader

on it.


Caught countless northern pike on it ... never a strain at all. Casting or trolling, it works

really well.  


Funny, I was casting for walley with my lighter rod ... and a Musky struck.  Pulled in a really

nice one with my lighter rod, and 6 lb test line, LOL. That was fun.


85 lbs seems like complete overkill for me.

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