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genesee river 2/26 snow storm


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Greatly surprised it took this long before someone mentioned the Genny was fishable...

Very nice fish and pictures...Winter time is incredible down there...Just to bad that the police sirens break the peace and tranquility...

Your jacket looks very familiar from someone on the West side today...Was happy to find multiple fish willing to move and take a thumping cleo...

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Fishing has been like that, like someone flips a switch to on or off...Only takes one period of the switch in the on position to make a good day...My buddy hooked a dozen in the 4 hours we spent down there yesterday on his pin...Dont care for numbers anymore or I would've been pinnin' right next to him and done just as well...

Leaving shortly to pull the hot shot planer board and more cleo thumpin'...Taking a break from the pin, 10 years of only fishing the pin got a little old, new tactics to learn and refine...Thankful the river is very close to my house and gives the opportunity to fish different techniques...

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Thanks for sharing a great slide show. :yes:

Our school is just right by the river gorge south of 104 bridge. Occasionally, I take a peek down the gorge and wondered how the guys were doing down there. You have proven that fishing can be successful in the winter.

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