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If you made the Fall 2010 LOC derby board PLEASE post here

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Please post you LOC derby fish here. Post a pic and the story behind your catch. Like what lure, depth you were fishing in ect ect ect.

Attention LOC Derby Fisher persons. Please post the fish you have entered into the derby here.

Lets us know some details like what where how and when. Don't forget to add the pictures and videos.



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Sun 8/22:

After a sloooooow first 2 hours, we saw Billy V's Instant Report on temp and adjusted our spread accordingly. After a small laker, the starboard wire starts pounding, like it's trying to test the breaking strength of our rod holder!! :P My brother's on the rod and fights this thing like a champ, saying "I think it's a decent fish". As it surfaces behind the boat, I can see this thing is a PIG!! :clap: It came to the boat nice and easy and I scopped it into the net, thinking upper 20's. My first attempt to bring it over the back of the boat failed and I realized it was a bit bigger than we thought - wrapped the net over my shoulder and heaved the beast into the 4' cooler and it filled it! :o It had inhaled the fly and nicked one of its gills when I got the hook out. So it was a quick look on our scale: bouncing between 32 and 34 (our scale tends to be about a pound on the light side), then a mad dash to pull lines and head in to Sodus Point. Hit the scales at 34.15 lbs and is currently the new LOC leader!! :yes::yes::clap:


This fish had a huge girth, although since we were holding it under its belly it looks a lot skinnier. It looks to also have won the day for the PEDD Derby - two days in a row for us!! 8) HUGE props go out to Billy V for sharing the temp info!! THANKS BILL!!! :yes: The fish hit a white with green dots spin doc pulling an Atommik ultra glow green fly out 225 on the wire over 150 fow.

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Finally got on the Loc board.

Currently up there in the brown trout division.

Took a beautiful 11lb 10oz male, east of sandy creek on saturday while preparing for the Sandy Creek Shootout. Sure wish i found this fish on Sunday though.

Caught this in <40 fow running a stingray sized stinger. Used some leader tips I learned from observing at the Pro-Ams this year. I have definatly been catching a better class of fish with info I pick-up there each year.


Hopefully it stays on the board.


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15lb. 14oz. laker in 9th as of right now (me), and 12lb. 10oz. laker in 20th as of right now (buddy Rick). Since I have to work the rest of the derby, I'm praying for wind! Congrats and good job to all the LOU members that put fish on the board!

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