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Henderson Harbor 7/18 to 7/26.

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Mickey Finn




Date(s): 7/18 to 7/26

Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:

Location: Trench, Lighthouse Wall, Off the finger.





Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:




Returned home yesterday after a great trip to Henderson Harbor. It was just my wife and I for most of the trip but we were joined by my cousin, Alan and his friend/boss, Pete for the three days of the Salmon Spectacular. I can't start to say how many fish we caught. We caught Kings, Browns, Lake Trout and Bass. We got lucky and captured both 1st and 2nd place in the Lake Trout division with a pair of 18 pound, 8 ounce Lakers, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. One day we went down South of Ithaca to Robert H Treman State Park and hiked the gorge viewing all the waterfalls. I want to thank everyone who made suggestions of things to do in my other post. We didn't get to any of those places but we will visit some of them on future trips.


Caught some bass in the Harbor on the 18th. Storms and wind kept us off the lake. This one that my wife caught would have won the Bass division of the derby if we caught it a few days later.


On the 19th we fished mostly along the lighthouse wall catching a mix of Browns, Smaller Kings and Lakers. Best spoons were NK28's in Black/Silver, Lemon Ice, NBK, and Nuclear Green. Also ran the white glow/ green spot echip flasher with a pro-am fly.




On the 20th we stayed in the deeper water between the lighthouse wall and Calf Island Shoal. Our bigger Kings came from the colder water down 115 to 120 feet even though the temp break was up around 80 feet. Black/Silver NK 28's and the white glow/green spot flasher with the pro-am fly did the King damage.


My cousin, Alan caught this Laker in the morning on day 1 of the derby. I had him at just over 19 pounds but at the end of the day he weighed in at 18 pounds, 8 ounces which held on for 1st place. Alan also had 3rd place in the Brown division at the end of day 1 but got bumped off.


Some of our fish from Day 1 of the derby. We fished all around on this day but most our fish came from on top of the flat between the end of the lighthouse wall and the tip of the finger.




On day 2 of the derby we headed out and fished the south edge of the finger, staying mostly around 140 feet of water. Seemed like us guys were zoned in to lake trout but my wife seemed to get a salmon or brown every time she was up. Most of the damage that day was on the NBK and a silver echip with a green stripe and the pro-am fly. At about 3:30PM, we doubled up. The first fish was a laker at about 16 pounds and the second was another one which weighed in exactly the same as our first place fish from the day before. It was .75 inches shorter, so it took second place. Below are the two fish from the double:



Pete with his 2nd place Lake Trout at 18 pounds, 8 ounces.


The fish we kept on day 2 of the derby.



On day three of the derby, we headed back out South of the finger but other than one small king, all we could find was Lakers. My wife did get one over 16 pounds but not good enough to place. We ended up the day with just a limit of Lakers and released the small king and lots of other lakers.


Pete accepting his 2nd place Lake Trout prizes.


Alan accepting his 1st place Lake Trout prizes.




On Monday and Tuesday this week, it was too windy to get out very far in my 22 footer so my wife and I fished Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning in the trench. We caught a few browns, a couple small kings and lots of lakers including the one above that hit one spoon and then before we got to the rod took another spoon from the rigger that was 10 feet higher. Guess he was hungry!


One of the great sunsets from Henchen's Marina. Had a great trip!

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nice pics and report.

where did ya catch that bass if u dont mind me asking?and on what and how deep ,some of us summmer locals up there are even having trouble finding them.

thinkimg they must be deep and hitting minnows.

thanks and congrats on a great trip


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nice pics and report.

where did ya catch that bass if u dont mind me asking?and on what and how deep ,some of us summmer locals up there are even having trouble finding them.

thinkimg they must be deep and hitting minnows.

thanks and congrats on a great trip


Got the bass trolling in the Harbor. We went over to Snowshoe and trolled along Association. I tried to stay in about 10 to 15 feet of water. I ran 4 rods with J-9 sized stick baits in fire tiger, perch, black/gold and black/silver. Ran them back about 130 to 150 feet off the planer board with one small spitshot. My plan was to follow that depth right out along Lime Barrel Shoal and then slide across and pick up that depth along Bass and Gull Islands but I didn't get that far. We were in the Harbor because it had been very windy that day and once we got out to Six Town point, there was a lot of grass in the water from the wind, so I couldn't troll out any further. We only fished a couple hours. I think we had 4 bass that were just about legal (all released) and the one big one and one perch.

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What a great trip Mickey!! Thans for sharing your expierences with us :yes: You and the wife really did wel, congrats. I just returned from Henderson and though I did almost zero fishing, your post gets me pumped for next year, as we plan on keeping the RV and salmon boat at associasion island for one or two months.

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Isn't it nice to have a wife you can share this with? My wife loves to fish and it makes the Lake time that much better.

Yes it is! We love to fish and hike and see new places together. She works in the school system, so she gets the summers off and thats when I take most of my vacation. Life is good!

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i too am very fortunate that i have a wife that will tag along with me so that i have someone to fish with we can also run more lines.(the kids are grown up and have busy lives)she doesnt really love fishing,i,m sure its just ok,i think its more that she tolerates it for me.i'm lucky to have that,to have her!

Thanks,babe.....i love you! ;)

mike m

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Nice fishing :yes: used to fish Henderson all the time. Great place for variety.wether trolling casting or jigging there's always something to try and the harbor is good for those blowoff days in the open water. Used to love casting for northerns along bass and gull islands and grab some perch off the drops and shoals around six town and lime barrel. Great job!


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