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Yankee @ the Oak 4-14 to 4-16

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April 14th - Brown Trout out of the Oak

We left the dock at 6:30am and headed East out of the chute. We were on a mission for some big ol Brown Trout. Water was in the upper forties, and we concentrated our efforts in less than 20’ of water. We had a super slow pick early in the morning. We weren’t satisfied with the water we were fishing, so we just kept going. When we pulled up to Eagle Creek we found colored water and 50 degree water. With that came all the action we could handle.

We had 6 flat lines out on the boards with both bright and natural colored sticks. We also ran a few spoons off our Cannon DigiTroll 10s down 5-10’ depending on our depth. Our Stinger Sea Sick Waddler was killer down 5’. That’s turning out to be a GREAT Spring Brown Trout spoon. The fish were all good size unlike last week where most were cookie cutter size. We ended the trip with well over twenty bites. Enjoy some fish please no from the day!




April 15th - Fishing from the Oak

When we got off the water yesterday we heard there were some Kings to be had out in deeper water. Well, that was the game plan for today! We left the dock around 7am, and headed out to 40’ of water where we put out what I’m going to call a water covering spread.

We had 6 lines off the boards with shallow sticks in bright colors for Cohos, and deep diving sticks for Kings. We ran our three Cannon Digitroll 10’s with sliders for Kings and Cohos, and two wire divers pulling Walker Deeper Divers with Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK combos. Shortly after getting the spread in we had action, but it wasn’t the action we were looking for. We wanted Salmon, but all we could dig up were Lake Trout. It was a lot of fun, and we boated some hogs.

Around 11am we had enough of the Lake Trout bite, and with no Kings to show for we headed in to beat up on some Brown Trout. As soon as we settled in around Green Harbor rods started to fly. The structure around there is ridiculous! We found warm water between there and Johnson Creek, and we had a steady pick of Brown Trout. Same program as the last few with natural and colored sticks on the boards, a Stinger Sea Sick Waddler and a Dreamweaver Chicken Wing SS on our Cannons. AS we were picking up we got a pleasant surprise when a 10lb Atlantic hit the floor of our boat. Gorgeous fish!





April 16th - Brown Trout fishing from the Oak

Jerry and his buddies joined us again this year for some April Brown Trout action. Last year they were the first charter of the season and brought 30mp SW winds with them. We had to cancel last Monday because of heavy winds, and moved them to today. What did they bring with them again? Strong SW winds whipping 25mph+. I don’t know what to think about these guys! Good thing they brought lots of food, and good luck on some hefty Brown Trout.

We took a short ride down to Lakeside Beach and set rods. We put out 6 rods on our planer boards, spoons on our three Cannon Downriggers down 5’, and two flat lined spoons off the corners. We had a slow pick until we got to Green Harbor. The 51 degree water off Johnson Creek was gone, and we had 48 degree water most of the day. Those flat lined spoons were Stinger Stingrays in Alewife, and Black Widow. Both of which took some nice shots. There were some nice fish off Green Harbor. We put two Brown Trout in the boat over 10lbs, and lost three others as big or bigger at the back of the boat when they went spin crazy, or bulldogged. The board lines that were hot were all naturals, so we switched all of them over to that.

Around 11am the wind was unbearable. It would blow our planer releases right up our tow line, and make fishing the inside board impossible. We decided to move out and fish for Kings during the last few hours. It was blowing hard and there were 2-3’ waves a quarter mile offshore. Out over 60-100’ there were 3-5’ waves out of the Southwest. Once we hit 60’ we started to pop some very nice sized Lake Trout on an Northern King Sea Sick Waddler, and a Dreamweaver Chicken Wing SS. An hour into the change we hit a spunky Spring King Salmon on our 60’ rigger pulling a Northern King Sea Sick Waddler. That fish was all over the place!

We ended the day with a very nice mixed bag which included a few Cohos that hit sticks off the planer board while we were seeking the mighty King Salmon. Until the next trip enjoy some fish please no!



Lake Ontario baitfish - HHHUUUGGGEEE



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Great report! Awesome pictures! If we could only get reports like that from the live tweets instead of junk-mail !!!

Finders - we can add you and your brother to LOT so you can tweet from your professional tournament boat if you'd like?

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Thanks for the report and the great detail about tactics! You probably don't get told enough, but your reports are awesome and provide great useful info. Much appreciated.


DITTO! As good if not better than the old Ripparians at the Oak :yes:


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