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RUFF RIDER Live Reports from Wilson 5/19-5/27

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Oh Baby, Oh Baby! It's a new fishing season! Time to bring back the live reports. I hope everyone had a good off season and it sounds like fishing has been great at the lake, time to get my butt out of hibernation and get in on the action!

I started a new position at work, so my fishing time will be a little bit more limited this year, but I'm still going to get out as much as I can.

We picked up Ruff Rider last night from my parent's house in Poughkeepsie (where I store it during the winter). We left Poughkeepsie at about 5:30am and started the long drive up to the Niagara Bar.



I had a business meeting that I needed to attend today, but luckily I'm able to attend from the road. So please excuse a bit of non fishing information, but it may help some of you fellow work slaves out there...


Fox Fi is a free tethering app on the droid market place. It is free, legal, and doesn't require any root changes to your phone. It lets me utilize my unlimited data package on my phone as a wireless ethernet router, which I can connect to from my laptop. Hence how I'm typing this report on my laptop right now! It's pretty sweet and also lets me use my kindle fire or laptop from the boat.


So today's business meeting was held from a rest stop off of I90 just past Albany. The rest area had a trucker's lounge, which I was leary of at first, but it was actually nicer than my normal office!



Meeting is done and it's time to get back on the road! The wife and I will be up at Wilson for an entire week and hopefully I'll continue live reports through that time. I wonder if I might be able to get a live webcam working from the lake while fishing? If so, that would be pretty cool...

For anyone who missed the action last year, here is a link to the 2011 Live Report:



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Your real-time posts last year helped me get vicariously through a lot of off-weeks. If the fishing is as good as it has been the past two weekends at Wilson, you should do great. I'll be there later this afternoon. Good Luck!


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If you were a couple hours later ya coulda drafted behind the big 18 wheeler. Saved some gas Nick!...passing Rome right now...hey!....was that a cooler I just passed that said Ruff Rider?....:lol:....nope....false alarm...was a Yeti with a bear sitting on it.

Good luck Nick


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Thanks for the well wishes everyone! We got the boat in and headed to our slip. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a sissy docking in tight places and the slip really made me nervous, last thing I want to do is hit someone elses boat!

Bob and Kevin are awesome though and found us a different slip, so we're all tucked in and tied up.


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Had dinner at the Wilson House restaruant at the Wilson Boatyard tonight. The chowder is amazing!


The garlic parmesan fries weren't my fav. A great restaraunt although a bit expensive it has a beautiful view of the harbor and excellent food with a bit of "upclass" touch that's hard to find in small towns.

Wanted to share something a friend gave me as well... remember those bouncy balls with a handle you used to sit on and bounce around with? Well they also make really great fenders!


Just finished rigging up tomorrow's hot setup as well... mt dew spinny with a king seeker big weenie fly...


Also, in case anyone was interested, here's a shot of the downstairs of our home away from home!


It also converts in my office away from office...


Well East winds tonight, hopefully that won't shut the fish down in the morning. Weather should be nice tomorrow so I'll be out there. Tight lines to all tomorrow!


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