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Sodus Point Tournament / Wayne County July 19, 20, 21, 2013

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    • Poll 3 Tournament Day or Days Choose only one of the following
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    • Pro Division and Amateur Division

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Looks very interesting. 9 salmon, Bonus Brown, Steelie, and Laker for each day? WOW, that will separate the men from the boys. That would be a great weekend for most of us. 


I know you have your hands full with this event. Is anyone going to run a "big fish Friday" in conjunction with this event?


If you need any help with anything leading up to the event, let me know. I also would be willing to do a small sponsorship. 




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Wayne, Thank you and I will be talking with you in the near future as to the sponsoship offer, we do appreciate that greatly, at this point we are doing this on our own (imagine that)



I'm sure Tom Frank from Capt. Jack's will do big fish Friday again this year as he has in the past. Everyone seems to be good with that. I'll confirm it this weekend. Troy has enough on his plate already.


 As to the big fish friday for our tournament running from July 19th thru July 21  (WE  will be running that as well, that is the easiest portion of this event). Mr. Brown, I appreciate your willingness to answer questions directed to me on my post however, I would appreciate it even more if people would consult with me prior to answering my questions.


Thank You

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Most Pro teams I know do pay their observers. Although, if you can get one for free all the more better. We pay $75/day for 2 day events, and $100 during shootout events.


 Is it general practice to pay observers? 

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We will be holding the Sodus "Pro / Am" as planned, to what extent is to be determined. Although we have had the initial rush of yes, absolutely, definately we are in so on and so on. The commitment is slow forth comning. We wish we had the capital to run with the original plan but unfortunately we do not. We will be fine tuning some things in the near future and setting a deposit deadline for those planning to participate. At that time we will be able to determine the pay out and prize structure. We are hoping to be close to or BETTER  than the initial structure. There will be competitive fishing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. the rewards will be determined by all of you. So we ask, get the word out and be ready for a one of a kind fishing event at Sodus Point.


stay tuned for updates.

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Yes Al it is going to happen. To what extent is going to be determined greatly on the participation level. I am trying to find the time to get a sign up registration together. It will all work out here eventually.

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I spoke to somebody at hook line and sinker. The person had no information about a tournament in july. He did say that she? talked about it and might do something on the internet about it. He didnt even know the dates she was talking about. It sounds to me that IF there is to be a tournament, it wont be as spectacular as the past pro-ams. I hope somebody steps in and gets this event rolling and it becomes as good or even better then the past. This is the only one our team does anymore, and we look forward to this every year.  

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I spoke with Dawn at Warrens a week or two ago and she said her husband Troy was still planning on doing it but was worried about participation. I said that we can't sign up if we don't have a sign up form....


Has anyone spoken with Troy lately? Is he back from Maryland yet?


If he doesn't do it, maybe Tim and Jeff Thomas (Finders Keepers) would run it?  We might be able to talk Nick Allers (Ruff Rider) into helping? He ran a great tournament (Salmon Slam)  last summer in Sodus. Those guys are all very savvy guys :)

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hey guys, jeff zimmer (timeout) and I have talked and everything will be going on for sure. We will be talking to troy this weekend and either help him to make sure it happens or take it on ourselves. It will definitly be a can't miss event as sodus always is. This is my favorite port by far and we will make sure that this tournament continues. As for registration give us a week or so to get it up and running. We are currently decided whether to do an online payment thing (extra fees) or do a mail in type deal. More info to follow shortly but definitly have it on your calander.

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Oh Baby !!...Good call Matt  :yes:   We need to get this pointed in a clear and positive direction without any doubts what, if, when, where and to what extent the tournament will take place.  Cold feet and apprehension will only hurt attendance. I had emailed Troy some time ago offering help, with no response. I know others offered as well.  


Sodus is my favorite tournament on the lake,  It's just such a fun port. Let's stop kicking the tires and get this event set up...Sodus needs this event to happen !!  My offer still stands, as I may have a good portion of July off work if all goes as planned. Just let me know if you need anything from me Matt.

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Wow...I don"t think anyone intended to offend you Troy, I know I didn't and reading over my response I see how it could have maybe been taken differently that what I meant. I apologize if what I said ticked you off and I very much do thank you for all the effort you put out getting this event started.

I am pretty sure Matt' & Jeff were planning on helping and supporting you in an effort to get this tournament moving because time has almost run out and things seem to have stalled. Backing out does no service to your community, and I hope you reconsider. Perhaps this was just the door you were looking for to back out?  Hope not....

Either way....onward we go I hope. Perhaps a new thread is in order? There's not much time left if Sodus is to host a tournament this summer.


A lot would need to happen in a really short time and lots of help would be needed. 

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Kudos, Matt, for stepping up. This needed to get firmed up. Fishtails, your posts are dead-on. This area has turned into a vacation for our families and a work-cation for us. My clients/friends have their lodging booked. There is alot of dedicated, sharp people there willing to help out. This just needed exactly what happened. There are many on this thread clamoring for an event, I'm sure they will talk it up and promote it. Damn, it's the only time I get to see Bruce, Randy, and their highly skilled team any more!

This will only benefit the area including the tackle shop so lets all work together. See you in July.

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