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Nick R's Rigged Sandy Creek Shootout

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Before I start just another big thanks to everyone who participated and who helped put on the event. Great job to all the teams!

We got out right at 530 and decided to drop at 60' dead north of the port. We took one shot on a 75 wire (green dot spin) while dropping lines but lost that before we could get a good hook on it.

We had a 7 rod spread out all day with two wire rods w spinnys and flies, a 10 color with a mag spoon, and our 4 big Jon's- three with cheated spoons and one deep guy with meat rig or a spin/fly. By the time we got everything out we were in 110 and marked a few hooks and bait half way down in the column.

We decided to poke out to our waypoints in 150-160 and as soon as we passed we took a monster shot off our 200' wire with a purple e-chip/ blue fly. 23# salmon hit the deck and that set the excitement for the day.

Shorty after we took a small guy on our 10 color with a Dino egg mag knockout spoon. Took a spin back around to the waypoint and took a 20# off of a luhr shoehorn spoon.

After that we took a few smaller guys (10-15) in the 100-150 area but lost our screen by 930. After an awesome suggestion (Thanks again Paul) we turned north and headed for the 27 line. At 310' and 320' we took back to back shots off the wire/rigger with another 23 and a 15. We tossed the smaller guy back as we were sure we would take another major.

That's when the screen died out again. From 320-430 we couldn't find anything. By this time it was 1130 and I was getting anxious. I made the decision to turn back and check out the 300-320 water again.

By noon we were back in the good water with good temp 60' down and bait everywhere. We hung west in that water for another hour with no real luck until we hit a pod of fish where we did 5-6 in a row with an 8# steel being the biggest fish there. We bopped that one and somewhat relaxed as we had our box.

About five minutes after I'm taking a leak in a bucket when the wire directly next to my "holding" hand takes off- mid stream I drop everything and grab the wire. 18# king and a good upgrade. At this point I've half pissed my pants and by dropping the bucket had piss everywhere.

At this point I'm guessing we have around 84 lbs in the box and we should be able to place. I check the time and it's 1pm- time to turn back around east and get ready to start pulling lines.

About five minutes after heading east we take a small shot on the shoehorn again and we hand it off to a buddy who has only been out a few times earlier this season (when all we did out of sandy was lakers). He fights the fish for about 5 minutes nice and easy until the 25# realizes he is hooked- GAME ON! Needless to say this guy got his ass handed to him for the next 15 minutes until we finally slipped the net under him.

At this point speculation has joined is on the boat wondering where everyone else is- we ended up getting to the weigh station after taking a quick swim and totaled out at 88.29# good enough for 4th.

Overall an awesome day! Proud of my guys for hanging tight and not losing any big fish! Lol


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Maybe it would have given me a few more inches! Lmao

We can all use a "few more inches" Nick, but that's a helluva way to get them!

Congrats on the last minute upgrade and a BIG congrats on the finish. Very impressive for a young man with his first "big lake boat". Hope to see you at some of the other tournaments in the near future and don't forget the King of the Oak tourneys on Saturday August 17 and Sunday Sept 5.

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Congrates on the great finish! My hits take place when I'm eating a sandwich. This weekend I was in the middle of a swallow of my water when a rigger takes a hit and I am the only one out if five of us looking at it. Almost drowned trying to yell fish.while pointing frantically at it and stopping the deck. LOL!

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