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Seneca Seneca , 8/1/2014


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Hoot , King and I got out in good shape this am headed south and set started setting up by 6:30 am...... sun was still not peaking over the hill yet I had high hopes of getting into the browns...... screen was good , lots of marks , bait just could not find any takers so started pulling and changing spoons ........ was running two rigger then put the slidediver out pulling a spoon also......finally the 61' rigger goes...... I'm on it......good fish ...... just doesn't want to come up...... bring him/her in about 50' or so and the dreaded long-distance-release-to-fight-another-day-happens..... Oh well got the color they want I hope it's one I had FLT paint up for me that was HOT for browns last year ( one day :thinking:  )..... then we started getting into lots of weeds and could not work the "browntrout-water" so we moved out to around 220' - 240' and set back  up.... I added a wire dipsy with BTI UV and sliver fly...... 61' rigger goes off again Hoots on it ( good he has NOT lost a fish in a long time ) good fight good fish  BROWN !!!!! 






We box him......later the 210' wire rods goes I land a good laker box him......then again another laker put it back ...... one more time one more laker box him.....about 9:30am and still ruff so we called it a day and ran up to Ovid for gas......



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That's what I'm running on my dipsy's and slidediver rods is the seven strand mason wire ...... twilly-tip on the slide-diver and roller on the dipsy's...... If you get a chunk of weed on with the fleas the twilly-tip will some times jam up...... it's got to be super bad for the roller tip to jam most times it just cuts right thru it but not always.....dam weeds are more of a pain than the the fleas.....

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Do you ever have trouble with the wire kinking because it was bent so much in the slide diver?  How long is your leader?


No because it's set up with mono , welded o-ring , wire..... so the mono is bent not the wire.





I got this set-up from ( J.D.)  Jim on this site with pictures....here is just the text.....



    I usually fish alone out of a 17 ft. Starcraft, and trying to net a good fish using a Dipsy diver with a 12 foot leader between the diver and lure can be a problem, especially on a small boat.... not much room to move to the bow with the rod, and when I'm alone it's impossible.  I opted to go with 7 1/2 foot  medium heavy musky rods for wire divers, and added a twilly tip, with Diawa line counter reels, 30lb. wire. I think the shorter rods allow for more leverage on the fish and are just plain easier to manage on a small boat.

Diver Calibration:  Take an old Dipsy diver and your regular Slide Diver ( I haven't used the "lite bite" divers yet), set both weights to "0" and hold the divers bottom to bottom with the weights touching.... like holding one up to a mirror.  With a permanent marker, transfer the  1-2-3 settings on the Dipsy to the Slide Diver.  Ignore the Slide Diver 1 thru 6 settings when using wire, use the 1-2-3 Dipsy settings you just marked. Both divers are almost the same weight and size.... You can now use the dive curve charts from the Precision Trolling Guide book for wire Dipsys  with the Slide Diver.

Regular Dipsy Diver, I mark the 1-2-3- settings with a marker on the clear one so I can see them better with my old eyes.

Match up the Dipsy and the Slide Diver like this and transfer the Dipsy 1-2-3 settings to the slide diver with a marker.

 Slide Diver now has the 1-2-3 Dipsy settings... I can use my Dipsy dive curve charts

Reel setup:   Attach a Spro Power Swivel, size #8, 50lb. test to the end of the wire. Add approx. 20 feet of 30lb. mono to the swivel. ( I like Trilene Big Game). Put the Slide Diver on the mono, add your snap swivel to the end of the mono. Deploy the diver leaving 2-3 feet of mono in front of the diver

#8 Spro Power Swivel, 50lb. test.  Mono to wire connection

I can change the length of the mono leader as needed... longer for shallow spring fishing, or clear water, bright sun

I can change the distance between diver and lure with out retying, leaving a few more feet of mono ahead of the diver.

Don't need a snubber as the mono acts as a shock absorber

The Spro #8 swivel is small enough to go through the rods guides and reel tracer, I can reel down on the fish, no trouble netting.

If the spro swivel is too big to fit through your reel tracer, you can cut the small welded ring from a larger snap swivel, squish it into an oval with pliers, and use that instead of Power Swivel.

Cut the little welded rig from a cross lock snap (arrow) and squeeze into an oval if Spro swivel is too big to go through reel

The mono leader holds the wire tight on the reel if you want to break down the rods, no wire "bird nests."

I can use the Dipsy Diver dive curve charts, because the Slide Diver is now marked with the Dipsy 1-2-3- settings.

Run this rig as you would a regular wire diver...... no more issues netting fish !!

I have never broken off a fish since adding the mono to the front of the wire ( shock absorber on big hits)


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Glad to see you are getting use out of slide divers and dipsys. Nice brown cuz!

You know me Cuz , love the bare spoons but it's been a tuff year breaking the new boat in...........so out came the wire rod , then it was doing so good I set the other rig up with the slide diver...... looks like that will be all I use it way easier to net but you self and don't have the major kink problem if you do keep them tight !!!!

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Had a great day Ed. Started out with riggers and divers but was having a miserable time keeping the boat in a straight line with the wind and bumps. Decided rather than fight it I'd move south and let the wind blow me back. Out in front of Belhurst in 70 to 100 feet of water jigging white flukes and paddle tails i had steady action all morning. Landed better than a dozen and dropped a couple of beasts. All Lakers and most in the upper 20's. Only a couple fin clips. Great day! 

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