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I fished in my buddy Don's boat and we got a late start. Hit a 32" pike right off and latter a 26" male walleyes that was spewing milt. Makes me wonder if the spawn is over. Didn't see any other fish netted. Ended the day with a 29" pike and a 18" released smallmouth. We only fish from 8-12:00. The smaller pike had what appeared to be tapeworms and I ended up tossing it. After doing some research I guess if they are frozen or cooked they won't hurt you but there is the yuck factor. My friends fished Quinte and said it was very slow. Haven't heard how Lisbon was.post-144887-14305948758115_thumb.jpg

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Several Smallmouth, few Pike (best 30 inch). Pickerel and Largemouth. No Walleyes though. Ran boards & sticks up the North Shore of Salubrious several times as well as a run down Johnson Shoal. Caught some nice fish and a great time with my Dad but didn't get what we came for. It can only get better LOL!

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Black River Bay was Hot yesterday. Myself and 4 other boats from my camp all got at least a 1 man limit if not 2+ (we all share significant intel and help each other out). Another Buddy picked up 6 in Chaumont. Was a great opener for us.

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If they are spewing milk yet it's not over, I can remember catching smaller males right tight against the cat tails in the BRB, but be careful there is a big mud flat there and a rock pile with bottom paint from my boat, if the wind is coming SW right up the channel towards the river they will be there!! Caught them there as late a 2nd week of June.

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We got 6 walleyes , 1 Coho, 2 pickerel and I have know idea(alot) of smallmouth. All walleyes were males spewing milt all over the place. All fish were large, fat and healthy, smallmouth were thick with 1 over six and 1 pushing 7 plus ! post-152720-0-50935400-1430850175_thumb.jpgpost-152720-0-64636600-1430850203_thumb.jpgpost-152720-0-54468300-1430850260_thumb.jpgpost-152720-0-64427300-1430850328_thumb.jpg















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