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Sandy /Hamlin 8/15-8/16

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Hello everyone.



A big thanks to the LOU members who texted and called me on Saturday with some intel on where they were catching fish

and what they were using.


My battery shifted in the boat on the ride up and pulled some of my wiring loose , while trying to get it fixed and get out fishing

one of the members had called to tell me of their success and wanted to see how I was making out, I told him I was still in the parking lot

playing electrician. Now a guy I never met and only traded a few PM's with offered to pick me and my son up and take us out on his boat.

I gotta tell ya, some of the finest people are on this site.

I declined but was grateful


Tom and I were alone this trip, my other son could not make it this time. But we hit it hard Sat , fishing about 9-10 hours trying to get my fix.Nothing!!!!!!!!!!! I mixed it all up , tried different combos ,colors, speeds , whatever I could , still nothing.

Im sure Tom is thinking Dads crazy and I gave up X-box for this.


Sun morning lake was in good shape so we went out deeper in my jon boat, only could fish till about noon,before the six hour ride home.

My fish finder only reads to 200 FOW ( bought it before I got the Lady O bug) dropped gear and kept going north.

Inside an hour we had a shot on 180 dipsey with flasher and spoon, it jumped a couple times and was gone in seconds.

OK, Im awake now. A half hour later another shot on 220 dipsey , flasher fly , gone again, now Im awake and grumpy.

Another half hour , pow! 250 copper going ,TX-44 looking like it was doing the moon walk, clean spoon , please stay on ,please,

got em , steelhead.


An hour later after circling back, bang! TX-44 doing an encore on the 250 copper ,I grabbed the rod and new it was a king.

I quickly handed the rod to Tom. Unfortunately the reel is an old penn deep sea style ,Im not sure of the ratio on it but I

think its 34 cranks per foot of retrieve .LOL So, while Tom was fighting this fish on 250 copper , I ate a sandwich ,took a nap ,

and organized the boat .

I could see it was a good fish as it was in the wash,please stay on please, got her. Wow , a gorilla, high fives and fist bumps

all around.

    We fished a little longer , nothing, and left about one .


Of course we gotta show Mom when we get home, so I gutted it , brought it home and it weighed 20.5 lbs


Being a Dad is very touchy, one day a zero , next day a hero.







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Absolutely, congrats on the dad award, a lot of times it seems like it's not going to be that easy, but you showed jr. who's the king!!! Awesome job!!!

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Yes 20.5 pounds after it was gutted and weighed about eight hours later.


Time for a bigger boat ,yes, someday.


Must be the camo boat,fish never saw us coming.


The only app I ever put on my phone is a navionics app, and fired that up for where I was

and made it out to 340 Fow , althought when I was in closer and the fish finder was working

under the 200 FOW, the two didnt match up by about 30'.???????? dont know.

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Congrats, you did a great job under tough conditions both with the boat and the fishing.  It's nice reminding the kids there is life besides electronics and not everything goes your way but if you try hard enough it eventually pays off.  That is being a great dad.  I hope you have many more days on Lake O that are more fruitful but just as rewarding as Sunday.

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Was tough out there and very hot, especially without a Bimini top. You sir are a diehard and your teaching your son to become one too( not a bad thing) ! Glad you got to spend quality time on the water with your boy and caught some fish.

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muskie magnet, I teach all my kids if your going to do something , do it, I am a little extreme on the diehard thing,

but my train of thought is we came here to fish,so fish. Or we could go to the campground and look at each other and not be fishing.

The last part I just said as I read it back just doesnt make sense."not fishing"   who does that.

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Definately will be getting a radio,I would feel a lot better out there.And some better reels. I do have three specifically for salmon

and whatever we fish for on lake O,all in due time .I think while my wife is eating salmon for dinner tonight will be a good time

to bring up some of the addition things I need , you know ,since she loves eating salmon and I love catching them ,its a win win.

   I just may take you up on the offer before the season is over,would really like to learn more ,and btw Tommy is really good at

cleaning fish and boats,( he is sitting right next to me not laughing).Thanks again c bonaffine jr.

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Good reels are a huge advantage to landing fish. I prefer saltist, and when your running down a steelhead that's on fire they are priceless. It's taken me three years to get all my reels to Saltist. Shop the classifieds here and also I have bought used ones on eBay. A good reel will last you forever, a cheap reel will last you two seasons.

Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app

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Great post and good confirmation that a lot of fun can be had out there without a huge boat and the "latest and greatest" electronics and equipment. That father and son bond is what it is all about and it is gratifying to see the tradition being carried out in this day of video games and phone obsession. :yes:  Best of luck fishing and stay safe out there.

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