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9th Annual Mark Troy Musky Tournament, Sat Oct. 3rd

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Just got home late last night. Thanks to everyone for participating. Thanks to Capt. Ed Cragg for being the only judge boat, posting everything on facebook and photographing the event highlights. Thanks to Brent and his wife for providing the meat for the cookout. It was a great time as usual. I believe there were 43 participants and 11 fish entered. There may have been a couple other small fish not reported. The number of fish was a little low but there were a good number of respectable size fish with about 5 fish 40" to 43".


Jim and I did some fishing on Sunday morning. Team Lacko cooked a great walleye lunch then we napped and cleaned up in the afternoon. We went back out around 6pm and found out that team Lacko just got a short window of action with three fish just before we came out. We fished till dark wit no action and then packed it in.


Can't wait til the 10th Tournament next year.

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Hey Guys.  Thanks for the congratulatory cheers.  As always, the tournament was an absolute blast.  I have been saying it since I started fishing this tournament...and will continue to say it for years to come -- this is my favorite event of the year!  Ed Cragg, Jim Reynolds, and Bob Saucke really do a great job.  How many other tournaments do they serve you chili on the water???


I have sent an email to Ed asking for some of the photos he took while measuring the fish and at the awards.  I will make sure to post them once I have received them.



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Chad's 41".  Third Place



Jeff's 41.5".  Second Place



Larry's 39".



43".  Nobody can photobomb a fish pic better than Chad!



It has been a tradition to take a group photo at the awards ceremony.



Not only do you get a great trophy, framed picture of your catch, and $$$...but Zach Baker also donated a specially made Baker Bait to the first place prize!  


There was a new tradition that was started this year.  The hat I am wearing in this picture was Mark Troy's top-5 NMA hat.  Every year they will get a picture of the tournament winner wearing the hat...an absolute honor!




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Awesome report Joe. All fish released safely and swam away strong. Great tournament every year. Always fun getting a chance to see everyone in person from LOU. Much credit to Mr Toothy, Captain Ed and Bob for all their efforts. Food was great - donated by Brent. Next year promised to be fun as the tenth anniversary tourney event.

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AWESOME!!   I gotta book it for next year.  You guys are killin' me.  I'm here at the Glen now & have been sampling the grpes & barley the last couple of days.  We always drive on 23 between the Glen & H-Port while my wife watches me drool when we pass over the canal.  A big CONGRATS to everyone.  The Muskies Inc guys are a great bunch. 

...and especially a big congratulations to you Nalod for taking the top prize.  Much deserved.

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