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Nice buck my brother-in-law shot on Ohio


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That's a great buck! We're headed out there for a 5 day gun hunt Nov 30 - Dec 4th. Hopefully we can get a crack at one like that! Did he hunt with an outfitter?

Not to hijack the post are you going with an Outfitter? Looking for a spot myself to start hunting in Ohio. Lots of Outfitters with not much information. Sean

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Was it high fence or no fence hunt? Incredible deer if its no fence.


No fence, he and 2 others stepped in poop at a tractor pull and this farmer was willing to lease them the land, first they need to get 3 deer for him rack not required then they have 130 acres of wooded land to prep for themselves. The taxidermist green/ rough scored it at 168 without the drop tine and some other stuff that "might" get it to 170. He is a hard core archery bow only type of guy. Thanks for flipping the pics. I was told IPads and other devices tend to flip the pics. THANKS WMPAUL he also aged the deer at 41/2-5years old. Just proves to let the young bucks walk. But who has 100 some acres to let shooter bucks go, I feel the same way I try to take them around age 3 or Better, but joe at the other end of the wood shoot as long as it has 3 points so what's a man to do. That's hunting in high pressure woods.thanks for the kind words I'll have to show him your guys posts he's still on cloud nine. LOL PAP

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Southern Ohio outfitters looks very promising ...my wife bought me a hunt last year for my birthday through eastern Ohio trophy whitetails (i would not re book them) anyone wanting details feel free to send a PM if considering them. The land and bucks were good the outfitter not so much.

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