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Fished east side today, wind was brutal and we basically only fished for 2 hours battling the conditions. Trolling was out of the question. 3 walleyes, 1 21in, 1, 6in and snagged a 3inch fry lol. Caught fish on jigs. Would suggest trolling the bouy line from 109-113. Most fish seem to be 20-30 ft down ove 40 ft. Prepare to catch some Drum if you stick around 109.

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Went out this past Thursday am and did well. I fish Oneida quite a bit for eyes and this year has been challenging. Early in the year I did well jigging bucktails and blades in usual early spots, but summer everyone seems to be struggling. I have all the gear and fish every way that there is to fish for eyes. Usually this time I am trolling like everyone between 109-117 but after many unproductive outings of marking plenty of fish and only getting some shorts and one or two keepers I decided to take a swing for the fences and it has paid off for me. Sometimes you can't get stuck in the what usually works rut and you have to think out side the box. My last 3 outings I have fished in 8-10fow all day in weed beds that have deeper water close by. I have caught some jigging and a few on lipless cranks but what has been producing best is using my electric trolling motor to troll the edge of the weed beds using a worm harness, with a barrel swivel with a 1/4 oz tungsten bullet weight. A gold perch Colorado #4 blade has been best. My theory has been that the bait fish are in there and it's cool at the bottom of the weed beds where the eyes are sitting. If you go buy them quick enough they don't have enough time to look things over like they do suspended out deep. The quality of fish has been better and so has the more aggressive bite in shallow. It's pretty cool when you actually put a plan together, go out and execute it, and have it work.🎣



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When you are over deep water don't be afraid to fish up high even if you are marking deeper....Nice work moving out to the weedlines...always gonna be fish in the weeds...I used to work the weedlines on my way out to deep water with a big deep diver on a short set back down the chute and the biggest eyes I caught were this way...I do the same thing for tigers now just faster. We camped at Oneida shores a lot and between there and Frenchman's island we had several hard weedlines to work...I hate weeds so I never stayed there

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