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I'm an avid walleye fisherman on my home waters of lake Erie but really want to get into some of the exciting opportunities that can be had salmon and trout fishing around Olcott, I was there several years ago and did fair on the steelies but want to go back and try and put a successful trip together for  august or September. Can anyone give me the basics on when and where you have a reasonable chance of being successful targeting kings. What are some of the best producing methods and if anyone has a cottage or hotel that they can recommend I would appreciate it. I'll be in my 20' Starcraft...

Thanks in advance,


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Kings in August and particularly September? I wouldn't waste my time ... September they are well into staging, have stopped eating and some have even started running up rivers.  This starts mid August. The best time of the year to fish them is end July in my opinion.


Anyhow, if you do go in August, try going earlier rather than later. The bite changes from one of appetite, to one of aggression that time of year ... and so normally we switch up to bright colors red/orange/purple ... even start going to erratic baits like lymans, j-plugs, reer runners, etc.


Staging salmon normally move to shallower water, but sit right at the bottom, so you need to troll with your lines about 10' off the bottom.

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1 hour ago, Silver Fox said:

Last seasons August and September were awesome. When you get into September, mag spoons on everything seems to work best.

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Well, North Shore gets tough ... staging salmon are not the easiest to catch.  I'd much rather pick end of July to fish than September, that's for sure.


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