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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

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October 15 am

50 degrees
South wind 5-15 mph
Rain and front approaching

Three first rack bucks at dawn would be it from the stand this morning. Two of them met up and did some sparring. Which was pretty cool to watch. Lots of activity near the stand including two scapes and rub that I just noticed today.


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30 minutes ago, dgio67 said:

Are you guys seeing a lot of scrapes?  Last year there were a ton where we hunted, but so far i am not seeing any.  Lots of pictures of does but no bucks. 



Im seeing the typical amount of scrapes for this time of year and I jsut saw my first rub of the year this morning.

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Need to do some raccoon control out here. 2 sits in this stand this yr and saw 2 different raccoons. One was darker on its back than the other. Now i know why my Turkey population has gone downhill in the last 10yrs. Use to be a flock of 60 to 70 birds now its down to under 30.

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