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Posted (edited)

Friends, Family and lots of quality fish!

Sunday/Monday fished with a buddy & his daughter. Couple lakers and a bunch of Kings! 20 pounder was the highlight! Mostly a spoon bite, couple on flys & 1 on meat.

Thurs/Friday my wifes cousin and her step dad came to fish. 6 Kings each morning and 1 Steelhead. 4 Kings at 18 pounds plus on Thursday all on SD/Fly

Saturday night fished with my wife. 2.5 hours lines in. 5 for 8. 4 Kings, 1 Atlantic. 22pds & 23pds were the 2 largest Kings. Mag NBK on a pinned cheater down 65 &  SD/FLY on a Chinook diver took the two big fish. 

120'-180' was best this week but we took fish as far out as 330'. Junk lines only produced a few fish all week. Divers were best for us taking the majority of the big fish.













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4 hours ago, CopperJohn said:

Wow ! Nice catch. I think you can change your name now. 

:happy2: Have been fishing my whole life. When I joined this forum I was certainly a Rookie to this lake, still learning every trip out.

1 hour ago, Hawkeye50 said:

Great catch. Where did you launch?


1 hour ago, nick13 said:

Great report! What do you have for a boat? Looks awesome. 

Hewescraft Ocean pro

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20 hours ago, hookedupf7 said:

Rookie how big was the steelhead? Congrats on a good trip.

Not that big maybe 7-8 pounds. We have caught a handful off steelies on our cheaters this year.

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Posted (edited)

"Did you fish out of the Oak couple seasons ago?"


I was there once in my old boat 2 or 3 springs ago.

Edited by rookie fisherman

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