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organizing flashers


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Ok, it's not as interesting as which end of the spoon the eyes should be on but I am wondering what favorite ways people have to keep flashers organized. I have seen the unfolding things with the clear plastic, I got one- don't like it. I am thinking about getting a four drawer plastic unit from wally world and delegate a drawer to each basic kind/ size. I have seen some nice hand made units in which the flashers are secured in rows in plastic boxes at an angle so you can see them pretty well but don't take up much space. Is there a commercial product like that?

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Just one caution about these boxes... I've been using then for a few years now and have three from three different manufacturers. Actually, only the separators are different, the boxes are all Plano. The thing to observe is the width of the slots where the flasher sets. Some are marginally too narrow and over time will slide the attractor tape on the flasher or bunch it up, especially in the hot sun. You might have to widen the slots a little depending on which ones you get. I have one set up with Pro Trolls, one with Bechtolds, and couple with Spin Docs. They do help a lot.

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I'll try to get a picture of what we are using tonight. Fat Nancy's carrys them. They are a HUGE Plano like box that you can fit up to 50 (or maybe more) flashers in depending on what brand flasher your using. We got them at the Oswego Pro-Am loaded with stuff if you were the first 25 (I think) boats to sign up for the Friday tourney.

I'm pretty sure its the PLano XL PROLATCH STOWAWAY.


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