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gails of november came early and hard,

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high water, high winds in cape Vincent ended our 2019 fishing season early... fishing had to take the back seat to a recovery.. boat blown out of boat lift and jammed in my neighbors walk way dock section in about 50 feet.. 1500 bucks worth of 6x6's and wood planking. 3500 dollars to bring in a excavator and a lot of hard work in the cold water and ripped up boat is on the trailer.. cape saw 3 foot storm surge plus waves and rollers 6 plus feet...was a big mess, and a rush to get it out before winter set in.. so this concludes our 2019 fishing season...  as the boat was dragged to shore I hoped in boat as it was sinking in the water as the captain is supposed to go down with the ship. thank god the boat had floatation even if it was only 3 feet deep.....lol motor has only a tiny hole in cover.. so the motor is still good..... about 10 holes in boat though...…. goby slayer down for the season

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That is awful gobyslayer. Mother Nature can be very cruel Hope things work out well for you getting back into action.

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